Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Live Score (T20)

Date: Sunday, 29 October 2017 Venue: Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Match Status: Match Ended

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 36 runs

  • Sri Lanka bowled well but only in patches. It wasn't easy to grip the ball with all the dew around but still they could have done better. As many as 8 bowlers were used and a part-timer Dilshan Munaweera stood out. Thisara Perera too was economical for a change but his team completely lost the plot in the final five overs where they conceded 72 runs. It's a good pitch for batting and as mentioned earlier, dew will be a factor. If planned well, Sri Lanka have the resources to overpower this total. Let's see whether they can break their losing rut or not. Join us in a bit.
  • Big finish for Pakistan and they will be thanking Shoaib Malik for it! After being put into bat, their openers laid a solid platform and the batsmen who came in next cashed in. However, there was a phase in play when the hosts seemed like losing their way but then Malik brought all his experience into play and amassed a 24-ball 51. His 75-run partnership off 45 balls with Babar Azam powered Pakistan beyond the 160-run mark and a few lusty blows towards the end by Fahim Ashraf helped them touch 180.
  • 19.6 Finally a perfect yorker, Ashraf digs it out to mid-wicket and collects a single. Pakistan end on 180/3!
  • 19.5 SIX! Bang! Sanjaya finding it tough to land his deliveries. A full toss again, around middle, Ashraf says thank you very much. There was no risk as it's a Free Hit and hence he chances his arms. Gets a proper connection and smokes it over mid-wicket for a maximum.
  • 19.5 SIX! And it's a no ball as well. What a start! A low full toss outside off, Fahim attacks it and thwacks it over extra cover for a biggie. Free Hit time...
  • Fahim Ashraf to bat next. He has 2 balls to face. Can he make the most of it?
  • 19.4 OUT! Malik holes out! Nothing great with the delivery. It's an identical one, a full toss on middle. Malik once again tries sending it into the stands at mid-wicket but fails to get enough elevation. Debutant Chaturanga de Silva takes a good low catch in the deep. End of a blistering knock!
  • 19.3 SIX! Malik goes bang, gets his 6th T20I fifty off 23 balls! Sanjaya fails to deliver it in the blockhole, it turns out to be a juicy full toss and Malik dismisses it over mid-wicket for a maximum.
  • 19.2 Bowls it very full and on leg, Malik clears his front leg and whips it through mid-wicket for a couple of runs. Wonderful running between the wickets.
  • 19.1 Follows the batsman down the leg side with a full toss, Babar swings it to deep mid-wicket for a run.
  • Vikum Sanjaya to bowl the last over.
  • 18.6 Good tag team work in the deep! Fullish in length and outside off, Malik throws his heart and soul behind this shot and muscles it over covers. The fielder in the deep rushes across to his left and pulls it back just before the fence. The deep point fielder does the remaining work and it's only a couple of runs. 10 off the over! 157/2
  • 18.5 Lovely delivery, a dipping yorker outside off, Babar is early into the shot and sends it down to long on from the toe end of his bat. A single taken.
  • 18.4 Perera keeps it full again, around off, it's forced down to long off for one.
  • 18.3 FOUR! Boom! Perera wants to bowl a yorker, that's what he wants. But, not always do you get what you want. There is very little margin between being a yorker and a juicy half-volley. It's the latter and Malik bludgeons it through cover-point for a powerful boundary.
  • 18.2 Good bowling. Fires it in, very full and on off, Babar knocks it down to long on for one.
  • 18.1 Too full and outside off, Malik decides to go straight. He hits it hard but finds long off. Only a single. Didn't get enough elevation.
  • 17.6 Too full and on off, drilled down to long on for a single. 13 from the over! 147/2
  • 17.5 FOUR! Misfield in the deep, don't look at the captain, screams Danny Morrison on air. A full toss on off, Malik swings and swings hard. Not from the middle of the bat but still it races through. The deep mid-wicket fielder charges towards the ball but lets it through his legs. An error in the field and Pakistan get a boundary.
  • 17.4 That is beautifully bowled. Finds the blockhole. Equally well played by Azam. He plays it late and deflects it down to third man for a run.
  • 17.3 Shanaka goes full and delivers it on middle and leg, Malik leans across and clears his front leg to flick it towards deep mid-wicket. A single to bring up the 50-run stand.
  • 17.2 FOUR! A rank full toss outside off, this time Malik cashes in. He pounces onto it with all his power and spanks it square of the wicket on the off side for a boundary.
  • 17.1 Attempts a yorker but slips in a low full toss on off, Malik shuffles across the stumps and clips it through mid-wicket for a brace.
  • Dasun Shanaka is introduced into the attack.
  • 16.6 FOUR! Extra ball in the over goes for a boundary. Perera bowls a length delivery wide outside off, Azam throws his bat at it and edges it fine down to third man for a boundary. Spoils a good over, 10 from it. 134/2
  • 16.6 Wide! This one is bowled way wide outside off, Azam leaves it.
  • Change of balls. The earlier nut seems to have lost its shape.
  • 16.5 Searches for a yorker but ends up dishing out yet another full toss, it's not put away across the fence by Malik. He sends it as far as the sweeper cover fielder and takes a run.
  • 16.4 Too full and outside off, Azam squeezes it out to point and takes a run. Smart bowling by Perera, something we don't usually associate with him. But captaincy seems to be bringing the best out of him.
  • 16.3 Slower delivery, from back of the hand, it's full and wide outside off, Babar allows it through.
  • 16.2 Full toss on middle, heaved over mid-wicket for a couple of runs.
  • 16.1 Bowls a low full toss wide outside off, Malik chases and goes hard at it. Manages an under edge and it rolls past the stumps for a single.
  • Thisara Perera on again but loses his run-up first up. Marks it again as he reloads.
  • 15.6 Spears in a fuller length ball on off, it's driven through covers for a single. 16 from the over! A massive one for Pakistan, a late impetus for them and this is just what the doctor ordered. 124/2
  • 15.5 FOUR! Udana opts to return to around the wicket and lets out a good length delivery outside off, Malik loves it there. He latches onto it and clobbers it over point for a boundary. The crowd is going bonkers. After a couple of quiet overs, this is what Pakistan needed. Udana needs to get his line right, switching angles not working much.
  • 15.4 FOUR! Udana switches to over the wicket and angles across a full ball outside off, Malik stylishly bends his back knee and smashes it over extra cover for a boundary.
  • Mid off goes back.
  • 15.3 SIX! High and mighty! A length delivery outside off, Malik hops back a shade to create space and hammers it over wide long off for a biggie. The crowd certainly loves it!
  • 15.2 Tries to heave across the line but it takes the inner half of the bat and rolls to short mid-wicket. A single taken.
  • 15.1 Very full and on middle, hit back to the bowler.
  • 14.6 A low full toss around leg, Babar keeps it out to mid-wicket for one. Tidy stuff. 108/2
  • This is turning out to be a really good over for Sri Lanka.
  • 14.5 Fullish and on leg, eased to fine leg for one.
  • 14.4 The batsman has played it towards mid-wicket. They pick up a single.
  • 14.3 A free flowing drive from the bat of Azam but Seekkuge Prasanna dives across to his left at covers to make a stunning stop. A dot ball.
  • 14.2 Very full and in the blockhole, Malik digs it out down the ground and crosses for a run.
  • 14.1 Serves a good length ball on middle, Babar gets on top of the delivery and nudges it through backward square leg for a single.
  • Vikum Sanjaya returns to the attack.
  • 13.6 Another off pace length delivery outside off, Babar moves across the stumps and hits it down to long on for one. Excellent over by the skipper, only 4 runs off it! 103/2
  • 13.5 Angles in a good length ball on off, again a cutter, Azam reads it late and ends up pushing it back towards the bowler.
  • 13.4 Perera digs it in short, outside off, Babar leans back and sways away from the line.
  • 13.3 Shortish and outside off, slower in pace, Malik goes on his toes and taps it down in front of backward point for a run.
  • 13.2 Full and around middle and leg, Azam shuffles across the stumps and flicks it through backward square leg for a run.
  • 13.1 Malik plays it with an angled bat and guides it to third man. One run added to the total.
  • Thisara Perera is back on.
  • 12.6 FOUR! Cracking shot! Isuru delivers it on a fuller length outside off, Babar Azam leans into the drive and threads the gap at cover-point for a boundary. 99/2
  • 12.5 Slower short ball on off, it's easily help-pulled to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 12.4 Goes for the yorker, misses the mark by just a fraction, Azam keeps it out through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 12.3 Continues from around the wicket for Malik as well. Bowls it short and outside off, Malik steers it through cover-point for a single.
  • 12.2 Udana switches to around the wicket and serves a length ball outside off, Babar drives it on the up through covers and takes a single.
  • Shoaib Malik is next in to bat. And as he's walking in, the groundsmen are out working on the field to deal with the dew. The big rope and Super Sopper are out doing the work, removing it as much as possible.
  • 12.1 OUT! Isuru strikes immediately. Steams in and delivers a full ball around off, Amin tries to go big over long on but fails to get enough power behind the shot. Thisara Perera sprints across to his left from long on and takes the skier safely. Not an easy catch, mind you. Good knock by Amin comes to an end as he gets undone by the change in pace, he misses out on his fifty by just five runs.
  • Isuru Udana comes into the attack.
  • 11.6 Flatter and on middle, flicked through mid-wicket for a single. 6 singles from the over! 91/1
  • 11.5 Calmly done by Babar. Gets a full ball and sends it to long on for one.
  • 11.4 Nearly a brilliant catch by de Silva! Flighted ball on middle, Amin doesn't try to hit it hard and just goes on with the shot. Lofts it over mid off and the fielder from long off rushes forward. Puts in a dive but fails to hold on to the catch. Harsh to call it a dropped catch but it is.
  • 11.3 Quicker one, skidding away after landing full around off, Azam drives it through covers for one.
  • 11.2 Full floated ball on off, Amin strides forward and hits it from the inner half of the bat to long on for a run.
  • 11.1 Short and on middle, pulled across the line through mid-wicket for a single.
  • Danushka Gunathilaka replaces Munaweera in the attack.
  • 10.6 Full toss on this occasion, around off, Azam forces it down to long on for a run. 14 from the over! 85/1
  • 10.5 Loopy and on middle, worked around mid-wicket for a single.
  • 10.4 FOUR! Another boundary in the over! De Silva keeps his length short and pays the price. It's served around middle and Amin shows no mercy and pulls it in front of square leg for a boundary.
  • 10.3 Angling down the leg side, Babar helps it to deep mid-wicket for one.
  • 10.2 Shortish and outside off, cut to sweeper cover for a run.
  • 10.1 SIX! Welcome to the bowling crease, boy! Flighted and full on middle, Amin straightaway shimmies down the track and launches it over the bowler's head for a maximum. Showing who the boss is, Umar!
  • Debutant Chaturanga de Silva is into the attack.
  • 9.6 Darts it in again, on middle, Amin tucks it through mid-wicket for a single. Munaweera has bowled out, 4-0-26-1. Brilliant stuff. 71/1
  • 9.5 Flatter and on off, punched on the off side and Dilshan made a good stop diving to his right.
  • 9.4 Fuller length ball on middle, flicked through backward square leg for a single.
  • 9.3 Short and outside off, cut through cover-point for a couple.
  • 9.2 Flatter and quicker on middle, hammered to deep mid-wicket and crossed for a run. The fielder in the hurry to release the ball lost control and parried it away. Babar wanted the second run but his partner sent him back. Plenty of dew already!
  • 9.1 Tossed up ball on middle, Azam helps it from the crease to deep mid-wicket for a run.
  • 8.6 Quicker one on middle and leg, Amin moves back and defends it towards the bowler. 65/1
  • 8.5 Some extra flight on this occasion, goes over the eye-level of the batsman. Full and outside off it drops and Babar eases it down to long off for a single.
  • 8.4 Hits a full ball across the line, with the spin and it rolls away to deep mid-wicket for a run.
  • 8.3 FOUR! Pathirana bowls it with a quicker-arm action, it's flat, it's short and it's down the leg side. Nothing right about that delivery and it has been put away by Amin. He goes down on one knee and powers it past short fine leg.
  • 8.2 Slow loopy delivery, full and outside off, it's driven down to long off for a run.
  • 8.1 Tossed up ball on middle, flicked through mid-wicket for a single.
  • Babar Azam walks in at No.3. Also, Sachith Pathirana will have a go with the ball now.
  • 7.6 OUT! Bowled 'em! Fine bowling by Munaweera. He keeps darting it in. This time he serves it around off and skids in with the arm. Fakhar tries to play the late cut but misses and finds his off pole disturbed. The umpires though want to get it checked upstairs. Maybe, they thought the keeper's gloves hit the stumps. The replays roll in and the Sadeera Samarawickrama has not done anything mischievous. Accidentally, the giant screen flashes NOT OUT and the crowd roar in appeal but the joy is short lived as it changes to OUT. Fakhar has to go. 57/1
  • A referral has been taken, by the umpire. Think he wants to check whether the ball took the bails off or was it the keeper's gloves. Let's see now...
  • 7.5 Fires it down the leg side, a full toss on this occasion, Amin forces it down to long on for a run. Misses out on a gift, Umar!
  • 7.4 Darts it down the leg side, eased through mid-wicket for a single. Sri Lanka won't mind this as long as boundaries are not coming.
  • 7.3 Uses his feet and knocks a full ball to long on once again. A single taken.
  • 7.2 Flighted ball around middle and leg, Fakhar shimmies down the track and tries to send it out of the park. But he mistimes his shot past the bowler to long on for one.
  • 7.1 Fires in a flatter and shorter delivery on middle, Amin stays back and punches it through covers for one.
  • Dilshan Munaweera is back on.
  • 6.6 A little short and on middle and leg, it's worked through mid-wicket for one. 52/0
  • 6.5 Perera bangs in a short ball, a well-directed one, Zaman is early into the pull shot and it goes off his helmet to third man. A leg bye stolen.
  • 6.4 Fuller in length around leg, Zaman tries driving but it takes the outside half of his blade and rolls to point.
  • 6.3 Perera surprises the batsman with a short delivery, an off pace one, Amin mistimes his pull shot but it still clears the infield at square leg. A single taken and 50 comes up for Pakistan!
  • 6.2 Good length ball around leg, Fakhar uses the crease and taps it down in front of backward point. They cross for a brisk run as the fielder misses his shy at the striker's end.
  • 6.1 A length delivery angling down the leg side, nudged through backward square leg for a single.
  • Thisara Perera brings himself into the bowling attack.
  • 5.6 FOUR! Shot! The batsman initially was deceived but does well in the end to fetch a boundary. A flighted ball wide outside off, an early charge from the batsman and he has to drag his shot. Does that well and slaps it past mid off. 10 off the over, 47/0 in the Powerplay! 47/0
  • 5.5 Flatter one on middle, skidding towards the pads, Amin goes back and helps it through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 5.4 Walks down the track to a full ball and eases it to long off for one.
  • 5.3 The batsman works it down the leg side. They pick up a single.
  • 5.3 Wide! Also there could have been a stumping chance. Skidding down the leg side, Umar fails to flick it and in the process gets outside the crease. The keeper is blinded by all the movement and hence fails to collect the ball cleanly.
  • 5.2 Another flatter and quicker one, this time around leg, it's clipped through square leg for a couple of runs.
  • 5.1 Quicker and fuller on off, defended back.
  • Bowling change. Danushka Gunathilaka to bowl his offies.
  • 4.6 A length ball angling away from the batsman, Fakhar clears his front leg and heaves it over mid-wicket. Fails to find the fence again and has to satisfy with a couple of runs. 8 from this over! 37/0
  • 4.5 A touch short and on off, Amin goes on his toes and pats it down to point for a quick single.
  • 4.4 Bunts a full ball down to mid off and scampers across for a single. The non-striker was late in taking off but eventually completes the single with ease.
  • 4.3 FOUR! Poor delivery by Udana with fine leg inside the ring. He slips in a short ball down the leg side and Zaman pulls it effortlessly past the diving fielder for a boundary.
  • 4.2 Good length delivery outside off, Fakhar tries to tap and run but the bowler quickly gets to the ball.
  • 4.1 The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
  • Isuru Udana is on to bowl.
  • 3.6 Top save! A flighted full ball on middle, Amin goes down on one knee and slogs it over square leg. It's destined to cross the rope but Shanaka gives the chase and pulls it back just in time before the ropes. The umpire confirms upstairs before calling it a safe stop. Three runs taken. 10 from the over! 29/0
  • 3.5 Munaweera bowls it from wide of the crease and darts it on middle, Umar tickles it on the leg side and rotates the strike.
  • 3.4 Skidding back into the batsman, from around middle, Zaman goes deep inside the crease and taps it down to covers for one.
  • 3.3 Once again Dilshan arrows one on middle and leg, Zaman probably is beaten for pace as he fails to middle his flick shot.
  • 3.2 Munaweera fires one in, as expected, it's on the pads and worked behind square leg for a run.
  • 3.1 FOUR! Beautiful shot! Floated full ball on middle, Umar makes space before dancing down the track and lofts it nonchalantly over extra cover for a boundary. Played with the spin, that's the key.
  • 2.6 Tries to go big but fails to middle it properly. A length ball around middle, Fakhar swings it over mid-wicket and it drops safely in the deep. A couple taken. 6 from the over. 19/0
  • 2.5 In the zone outside off, Zaman leaves it thinking it will be a wide. It ain't. Just inside the tramline.
  • 2.4 Keeps it full and on middle, Zaman plays across the line and chips it over mid-wicket for a brace.
  • 2.3 Lets out a very full ball on off, swinging back in a shade, Amin digs it out from the inner half of the bat and it rests near the surface. They pinch a quick single. Good awareness from the non-striker.
  • 2.2 Spears in a very full ball on middle, Zaman squeezes it out from the bottom half of the bat through mid-wicket. A single added to the total.
  • 2.1 Shortish and on off, punched off the back foot but without much timing to mid off.
  • 1.6 In the air but safe! Slow loopy ball on middle, fuller in length and turning the other way, Amin gives the charge with the aim to go over the leg side but it takes the top edge and loops in the air. Clears mid off and falls wide of the fielder in the deep. A couple of runs. 13/0
  • 1.5 Amin finds the square leg fielder with his flick shot.
  • 1.4 Munaweera continues to be on the pads, another easy single as the batsman works it in front of square leg.
  • 1.3 Straighter in line, Umar nudges it to mid-wicket and crosses.
  • 1.2 Loopy one, full and on middle, helped wide of mid on for a run.
  • 1.1 Quicker delivery, full and arrowed down the leg side, Zaman flicks it across the line but fails to beat short fine leg where the fielder stops the ball with a dive.
  • Spin from the other end! Dilshan Munaweera to roll his arm.
  • 0.6 Angling down the leg side, Amin fails to clip it on the leg side and is hit high on the pads. End of the first over, a good start for Sri Lanka. 8/0
  • 0.5 Drops it on a length around middle and off, Umar covers the line and blocks it safely.
  • 0.4 Swing and a miss! Fakhar will be kicking himself at the moment. That was in the slot for him, around leg on a fuller length but he fails to put bat to ball. It goes off his pads to the leg side and they have to satisfy with a leg bye.
  • 0.4 NO BALL! Sanjaya oversteps and bowls the first no ball of the series. Lands it on a length on middle, Amin hits it across the line towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 0.3 Stifled appeal for an lbw! Some bounce and movement for Sanjaya, he lands it on a length around middle, Umar fails to work it away and is hit on the pads. They appeal but the umpire stays put. Height could be a factor!
  • 0.2 Sanjaya overdoes his line and it's too straight, Zaman nudges it behind backward square leg and takes a single.
  • 0.1 FOUR! Flashes and flashes hard! Pakistan are away with a boundary. Sanjaya sprays a length ball way wide outside off, Fakhar throws his bat at it and it flies off the outside edge over first slip for a boundary.
  • The players are out in the middle as we're set to get underway. The Gaddafi Stadium is buzzing and the atmosphere is electric here. Umar Amin and Fakhar Zaman to open for Pakistan. It's going to be Vikum Sanjaya to bowl the first over. One slip in place. All set, here we go...
  • Toss - Sri Lanka win the toss and will bowl first! Changes for both teams. The Lankans with just the one as Chaturanga de Silva (making his T20I debut) comes in for Ashan Priyanjan. Pakistan have two, with Mohammad Amir and Umar Amin replacing Ahmed Shehzad and Usman Khan.
  • Hello and welcome for the final match of Sri Lanka's long and gruelling battle against the Men in Green. Massive occasion for Pakistan! One of the top 8 teams is paying a visit after eight years following an unfortunate incident. Coincidentally, it's Sri Lanka to kick start international cricket in this beautiful part of the world. As far as the series is concerned, it's a dead rubber with Pakistan pocketing it in the second T20I in Abu Dhabi. Still the moment is big and the home team would like to make it a memorable one. The Islanders, on the other hand, will try their best to topple Pakistan for once to break their losing rut. Will Lahore be the place where they do it? Remains to be seen. The toss will be coming up shortly...
  • That brings us to the end of Sri Lanka's long tour. They rocked the Tests, but then got demolished in the white-ball contest. Plenty for them to work upon, especially the batting which let them down. Pakistan are currently on the up and will take a lot of confidence from this going forward. It's been contest worth remembering for them. We thank you for your company and hope you'll join us for future games. Till then, goodbye, take care and cheers!
  • Sarfraz Ahmed thanks the Almighty first up. Says the way they have been playing at home and especially he crowd support has been fantastic. Credits his players for standing up at crucial moments and this has increased their fan following. Reckons that the confidence shown in the youngsters has paid off as they are talented and are proving it with their performances on the big stage. Wants to thank the Sri Lankan team for coming to Pakistan and playing and also thanks everybody at home, including the fans, the political parties and the cricketing body for the unrelenting support throughout.
  • Sri Lanka skipper, Thisara Perera says it was a tough tour. Thanks Pakistan fans for inviting and cheering for them. Adds that in the last three matches they played better and have plenty of positives to take. Praises the Pakistan bowling attack and feels this is one of the best attacks he has seen in last one year or so.
  • Man of the Match and Series, Shoaib Malik says playing in front of the home crowd and winning the Man of the Match is a blessing. Thanks the Sri Lankan team for coming to Pakistan and bringing cricket back to his homeland. Emphasizes the importance of consistency and states that it becomes more important for a senior, as it sets a good example for the younger players in the team. Let's everyone know that initially he just wanted to get his eye in when he walked out to bat and then he went for the big shots.
  • Pakistan's bowling was top notch and they put on a great show in the field as well. They thoroughly entertained the cricket-deprived crowd in this historic game and will be immensely pleased. Mohammad Amir playing his first international match in Pakistan had a memorable outing, hunting down 4 wickets for only 13 runs. For a change, the two shining stars of Pakistan's bowling, Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali, had an off days, going for aplenty, but it didn't hurt the hosts much. All in all, a clinical performance to end the series on a positive note.
  • Another stroll in the park for Pakistan and they clean sweep Sri Lanka in the T20I series as well. Powered by Shoaib Malik's blistering knock, the home side managed to post a big total on the board. In reply, the top half of the Sri Lankan batting department was blown away in no time and their chase never got going. Dasun Shanaka showed his hitting prowess, stroking a 36-ball 54, but the rest just capitulated.
  • 19.6 Worked away on the leg side for a single by Sanjaya. That does it, it's over. PAKISTAN WIN BY 36 RUNS! Another comprehensive performance from the hosts. Handshakes all around, the Men in Green celebrate, the stadium is happy. Cheers and smiles all around!
  • 19.5 Another one outside off, another play and a miss.
  • 19.4 Length delivery around off, Sanjaya looks to connect, but fails in his attempt to do so.
  • Vikum Sanjaya is the last man in.
  • 19.3 OUT! Amir with his second of the over, his 4th of the game. Angles across a length delivery around off, Prasanna swings wildly and gets a feather behind to Sarfraz who takes a regulation catch. He had some fun in the middle, but his stay now has come to an end.
  • 19.3 Wide! Darted way outside off, wide called by the umpire.
  • Isuru Udana comes jogging out to bat next.
  • 19.2 OUT! Pathirana's short stay comes to an end. Slower one from Amir, Pathirana lofts it over the leg side. Gets it only as far as the edge of the circle where Hafeez, positioned at mid-wicket, runs back and takes the catch. Juggles it few times but then holds on to it in the end.
  • 19.1 Wastes no time and instantly fires a yorker on the stumps, Pathirana goes leg side and digs it out.
  • Mohammad Amir to bowl the final over of the game.
  • 18.6 SIX! 19 off the over, a bit too late though. Maybe Prasanna should have been sent up the order. Sees the ball landing short so he pulls this with all his might into the mid-wicket stands for a biggie. 142/7
  • 18.5 Angling back in on middle and leg, Pathirana makes room looking to go over the leg side. Just chips it over mid-wicket for a single.
  • 18.4 Touch fullish on middle, driven to long on for a single.
  • 18.3 SIX! A back-of-the-hand slower delivery around off, on a length and bouncing a tad more, Prasanna slogs across the line and slogs well. Makes good connection and clears the mid-wicket fence with ease.
  • 18.2 Shooting off the deck a bit as it lands on a length around off, the left-hander plays away from his body and gets an edge down to third man for a single.
  • 18.1 FOUR! Timing's perfect on that! Back of a length on middle, Pathirana with the short-arm jab clears the infield over mid-wicket and sends it across the rope on a few bounces.
  • 17.6 Short and into the body, pulled to deep square leg for one. 123/7
  • 17.5 FOUR! Good shot. Extremely full from Ashraf, Pathirana drills this straight back past him and away to the fence for a boundary.
  • 17.4 Length delivery aiming the top of off stump, Pathirana slaps it hard but finds Shadab at extra cover.
  • 17.3 Pathirana punches this towards Shadab Khan at extra cover and takes off for the run. The leggie has a shy at the bowler's end but misses and a lack of back-up enables the batsmen to take an extra run.
  • 17.2 Full again, outside off this time, pushed to mid off from the toe end for a quick single.
  • 17.1 Goes full around leg, Pathirana flicks it down towards fine leg and gets off strike.
  • Sachith Pathirana is the new batsman. Fahim Ashraf called back on.
  • 16.6 OUT! Perera holes out! All but over for the Islanders, only a matter of time now. Full delivery on the stumps, Perera makes room, clears his front leg and looks to smoke it downtown. Doesn't have enough power behind it to clear the rope and Shadab Khan at long on takes a fantastic catch. 114/7
  • 16.5 Bit fullish in length shaping away from around off, drilled through the covers for a brace.
  • 16.4 Slower short ball on middle and leg, Perera swings in an attempt to clear Lahore, connects with nothing though. Only thing he can clear now is his mind and focus on the next ball.
  • 16.3 FOUR! Short delivery around off, Perera picks up the length early and muscles the pull over mid-wicket, beating the man in the deep.
  • 16.2 Sharp bumper from Hasan Ali, the Lankan skipper has nothing to do with that.
  • 16.1 Run out chance goes begging! Prasanna taps this in front of extra cover and sets off. Babar Azam gets to the ball quickly and under arms it at the non-striker's end. Had he hit that, Seekkuge would have been gone by miles.
  • Hasan Ali to bowl again.
  • 15.6 A short delivery which has been pulled away. The batsmen have run through for a single. 107/6
  • 15.5 Yorker from Amir, on the stumps, dug out back down the ground towards mid off.
  • Seekkuge Prasanna is the new man in.
  • 15.4 OUT! Another one down! Mohammad Amir is right on the money. Arrows a full ball on leg, it's right in the blockhole and there's nothing de Silva can do. He makes room to drill it through the off side but misses altogether and the leg stick is knocked over.
  • 15.3 Perera makes room and Amir follows him, gives him no room by firing it full around his pads, Perera can only manage an inside edge onto his pads and a run is taken.
  • 15.2 Short delivery angling down from middle, Perera ducks and evades.
  • 15.1 Length delivery around off, hit straight to Wasim at point for a single. He has an unnecessary shy at the striker's end which misses. Sarfraz is not happy with that one bit and gives a long, hard stare.
  • Mohammad Amir returns to the attack.
  • 14.6 Attacking the stumps on this occasion, de Silva moves a long way across, bends low and sweeps it towards short fine leg for a single. 104/5
  • 14.5 Pushed quicker through the air yet again, Thisara Perera goes deep inside the crease and chips it over the mid-wicket area for a run.
  • 14.4 Bowls another slider down the leg side this time, de Silva backs away and whips it through mid-wicket for one run.
  • 14.3 Makes connection this time and wrists it to the deep mid-wicket fielder for a single.
  • 14.2 Sliding in on leg, Thisara looks to flick but misses and is hit on the pads.
  • 14.1 Slower through the air on middle and leg, Chaturanga is down on his rear knee and plays a mistimed sweep shot through mid-wicket for a single.
  • Mohammad Hafeez brought back on to bowl.
  • 13.6 Length ball on middle and leg, Chaturanga stays leg side of the ball and places it past the diving point fielder for a single. 99/5
  • 13.5 Pitched outside the line of off stump, Perera eases it through the gap in the covers and gets off strike.
  • 13.4 Full ball outside off, TP knocks it to mid off. No run taken.
  • 13.3 Moves inside the line and works it away on the leg side for a single.
  • Thisara Perera arrives.
  • 13.2 OUT! That's a big wicket for Pakistan! The in-form Shanaka departs and that's a body blow to the Lankans. Length ball on off which kicks off the surface, Shanaka looks to heave it across the line but gets a big top edge. It flies towards long on where Imad Wasim settles himself under the ball, waits a very long time but then eventually takes a very good catch. 85 needed off 40 to win. Things are looking bleak for them.
  • 13.1 Length delivery in the channel outside off, Shanaka has a feel for it inside the line and is beaten.
  • A slight halt in play as the players have taken a little drinks break. Also, Fahim Ashraf is back into the attack.
  • 12.6 Pulls this shortish delivery away through the square leg region. So six singles off the over, Sri Lanka need 85 off 42 to win. 96/4
  • 12.5 Length delivery going across the batsman, de Silva makes room and places it behind point for a single.
  • 12.4 Short once more and into the body, the help-pull is placed to deep mid-wicket. Single added to the scoreboard.
  • 12.3 On the pads this time, clipped away into the leg side for one.
  • 12.2 Tad short and cutting back in, helps the pull towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 12.1 Length delivery in the off stump channel, pushed through the covers for a single.
  • 11.6 SIX! Maiden T20I fifty for Dasun Shanaka! And he brings it up in fantastic style, superb hit! Tossed up on the stumps, Shanaka stands his ground and launches it high, really high and deep into the stands for a huge maximum. He takes his helmet off and celebrates, but he'll know that's only half the job done. 90/4
  • 11.5 Googly from Shadab, knocked down to long on for one run.
  • 11.4 The batsman works it down the leg side. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 11.3 FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for Shanaka! Tossed up again, this time he kneels down and plays the slog sweep. Beats the deep mid-wicket fielder and sends it across the rope.
  • 11.2 FOUR! BANG! He's gone straight down, safest place to hit for a batsman. Full and right in his arc, Shanaka drops it over the bowler's head for a boundary.
  • 11.1 Spinning back into the southpaw, turned with the spin to square leg for a run.
  • Shadab Khan into the attack again.
  • 10.6 Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. One run added to the total. 73/4
  • 10.5 Bit unnecessary from the fielder. Shanaka taps it towards backward point. Seeing the non-striker out of his crease, he has a shy at the bowler's end which misses and there's nobody backing up. A single results.
  • 10.4 Too straight in line, worked comfortably through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 10.3 Short of a good length kicking off the surface a touch, Dasun Shanaka off the outer half plays it down to third man and takes one.
  • 10.3 Wide! Brings out the short one and bangs it on middle and leg, it's a bit too high though so the umpire signals wide.
  • Some sawdust is brought in to be put in the landing area at the bowler's end. Hasan Ali wasn't too happy with that so wants it rectified.
  • 10.2 Moving away from the batsman late, de Silva closes the bat face earlier than he'd have liked and hence, sees the leading edge going towards cover.
  • 10.1 Comes charging in and serves a length ball on the stumps, from the inner half it's played through to fine leg for a single.
  • Hasan Ali will bowl for the first time tonight.
  • 9.6 Shimmies down the track and lofts it on the bounce to deep mid-wicket for a run. 66/4
  • 9.5 Quicker one again, pushed away to the cover area. Dot ball.
  • 9.4 Moves across the stumps and flicks it away into the leg side for a single.
  • 9.3 FOUR! Sees some width outside off and he wastes no time in taking full advantage of it. Full outside off and Chaturanga de Silva clobbers it aerially through the gap in the covers for a boundary.
  • 9.2 Full and flat outside off, slapped straight back towards Wasim. He gets low to take it but it falls just short of him.
  • 9.1 Full and straight from Imad, it's wristed down to long on to rotate strike.
  • Imad Wasim back on.
  • 8.6 Athletic stuff from Hasan Ali. Length ball on leg, de Silva makes room and cuts it late down towards third man. Ali in the deep runs to his right and puts in a great dive to keep it away from the rope. The umpire confirms the same after checking it upstairs and so, just three runs added to the Lankan's tally. 59/4
  • 8.5 Lands it around leg and it cuts towards off, squares up de Silva who looks to flick. Gets a leading edge which goes safely towards covers.
  • Chaturanga de Silva comes out to bat.
  • 8.4 OUT! Short again, Mahela Udawatte once again looks to go over the leg side. Takes the pull shot on but only manages a top edge due to the bounce getting big on him. Spoons a simple catch to Babar Azam at mid-wicket who takes the easiest of catches coming in a few paces.
  • 8.3 Big swing and a miss! Short of a length going across, it keeps rising and as a result, Udawatte misses the big heave. The bounce gets big on him and goes over his bat.
  • 8.2 Back of a length into the body, flicked to backward square leg for one more.
  • 8.1 Back of a length close to off, Udawatte looks to cut but chops it off the inner half to square leg for a single.
  • 7.6 Short and wide outside off, cut to cover to end the over. 14 off the over. Sri Lanka need more of these. 55/3
  • 7.5 SIX! Second from the over! Tossed up there and it's right in the slot, Shanaka clears his front leg and just smokes it straight back down the ground. Hit flat and it crashes into the ad boards.
  • 7.4 Turning in on the pads, worked in front of square on the leg side. Single taken.
  • 7.3 Sensibly done. Got the big one and now just gets off strike. Works it in front of square leg for one.
  • 7.2 SIX! Shanaka with a massive hit! Got under that one quite nicely. Tossed up on off, Dasun gets down and slog sweeps it high and handsome over the mid-wicket rope for a maximum. He picked the googly nicely there!
  • 7.1 Starts off with a top spinner on off, defended right under the batsman's nose.
  • Shadab Khan to bowl.
  • 6.6 Not much pace on it, somewhat on the shorter side, turned just wide of the man at mid-wicket for a brisk single. 41/3
  • 6.5 Back of a length very close to off, Dasun taps it down in front of covers but can't steal a run.
  • 6.4 On middle and leg, Udawatte this time clips it through towards deep mid-wicket for one.
  • 6.3 Short of a good length going across the batsman, he stands tall and offers a mistimed punch to extra cover.
  • 6.2 Bit too straight in line, on a length, nudged behind square leg for an easy run.
  • 6.1 Length ball around off, pushed in front of covers from within the crease.
  • Fahim Ashraf is on to bowl.
  • 5.6 Full again, on the stumps, pushed back down the ground for a brisk single. Sri Lanka are 38/3 in the Powerplay. 38/3
  • 5.5 FOUR! That's right through the gap and it's beautifully done! From wide of the crease it's speared full on off, Shanaka uses the angle well and drives a bit square through cover-point for a boundary.
  • 5.4 Works it with gentle hands down on the leg side. Udawatte is off for the run and seeing Amir get to the ball quickly, Shanaka sends him back. Good awareness.
  • 5.3 Angles it across the right-hander around off, Dasun leans across to get behind the line and blocks it back down the track.
  • 5.2 Fraction straight in line and it's worked away through square on the leg side for one.
  • 5.1 Good length delivery around the off stump line, Mahela stands his ground and keeps it out with the full face of the bat.
  • Mohammad Amir is back.
  • 4.6 Touch short around off, punched off the back foot towards wide mid on for a single. 32/3
  • 4.5 Played through mid-wicket by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 4.4 FOUR! But a good effort from Babar Azam out in the deep. Shanaka steps out and lofts it over mid-wicket. Azam runs to his left, gets to the ball and tries parrying it in, but just about fails in his attempt. Did well to make good ground, was unfortunate to have not stopped it.
  • 4.3 Goes against the spin and turns it on the on side for nothing.
  • 4.2 Straighter on the stumps, nudged to the mid-wicket fielder.
  • 4.1 FOUR! What a shot. Pure timing. Imad with a quicker one, Shanaka uses the pace well and just drives it through mid off. Didn't hit it too hard, just timed it to perfection. It races away all the way to the boundary line.
  • 3.6 Plays this with the spin and turns it to square leg. Sets off and eventually completes the run with ease. 22/3
  • 3.5 Looped up off spinner on middle and leg, Shanaka flicks it to backward square leg.
  • Dasun Shanaka is the new batsman.
  • 3.4 OUT! Third wicket for Pakistan. Sri Lanka are collapsing again, Mohammad Hafeez with his first of the game. Darts it fuller around off, Gunathilaka makes room and smacks it straight back in the bowler's direction. Hafeez reacts quickly and takes it well just over his head. Nicely done, came at him rather quickly.
  • 3.3 Picks it off his pads and turns it on the leg side for a single.
  • 3.2 FOUR! Lovely timing on that shot! Quicker on the pads, Udawatte whips this hard through mid-wicket. At first it doesn't look like it'll go all the way but the ball just keeps on travelling and beats Babar Azam out in the deep.
  • 3.1 Slower through the air around off, Udawatte taps it down in front of backward point. Wants the run but the fielder is lightning quick to the ball, so he turns and plants his bat back in the crease.
  • Mohammad Hafeez to roll his arm over.
  • 2.6 Spinning in on middle and leg, Udawatte tucks it through backward square leg and gets off the mark with a single. Two wickets in two overs for Pakistan, a superb start for them. 16/2
  • Mahela Udawatte is in next.
  • 2.5 OUT! There's the second wicket down! Samarawickrama in the search for the big shot departs. Tossed up on middle, Sadeera walks across, gets low and sweeps it over square leg. It's straight down Babar Azam's throat who takes a safe catch. Maybe the batsman wanted to get it a bit square, got the placement wrong. He has to walk back to the dugout now.
  • 2.4 Flat and wide outside off, run down towards short third man. No run taken.
  • 2.3 Advancing down the track yet again, Sadeera meets the slider with a closed face and works it to mid-wicket.
  • 2.2 Slider on off, Sadeera backs away and cuts it behind point. Gets it past the man and runs a couple.
  • 2.1 Samarawickrama dances down the wicket and works it away behind square leg. Wants the single but is sent back by his partner.
  • 1.6 Stifled appeal for an lbw, but nothing given. An inside edge maybe? Seems like it. Length delivery angling back in on middle and leg, Gunathilaka misses his attempted flick shot. Amir immediately pulls out of the appeal, realizing he isn't going to get it. 13/1
  • 1.5 Comes wide of the crease, angles it in at first and then it straightens up significantly. Danushka is squared up a touch as he plays it back down the track.
  • 1.4 Shaping back in on middle and leg, Sadeera looks to flick but it goes off his pads towards square leg. Leg bye taken.
  • 1.3 Gives the charge straightaway. Sadeera walks down the track and offers a firm punch through the covers for a couple of runs.
  • Sadeera Samarawickrama in at No.3.
  • 1.2 OUT! Bowled 'em! And Mohammad Amir strikes with only his second delivery. Good length delivery around off, it cuts back in a shade as Munaweera makes some room to carve it through the off side. Gets an inside edge and has his off pole knocked over. He celebrates, his teammates rally around him as the stadium erupts. First break for the Men in Green.
  • 1.1 There's that famous swing straightaway. Full delivery coming back in on off, Munaweera goes leg side and gets an inside edge back onto his pads.
  • Mohammad Amir will bowl from the other end. This is his first international match in Pakistan. Big moment for the young man.
  • 0.6 FOUR! Edged and away! 10 off the over, a good start for Sri Lanka. Fuller and flatter around off, Gunathilaka backs away to go big downtown but gets a big edge which goes past short third man for a boundary. 10/0
  • 0.5 Quicker through the air and sliding down leg, Gunathilaka makes room and punches it through extra cover. A misfield allows the batsmen to come back for the second.
  • 0.4 That's high in the air but fallen safe. Signs of aggression from Gunathilaka early in the innings, they're going to have to now in the Powerplay. He slogs it over mid-wicket and it falls safely out in the deep. Two runs taken.
  • 0.3 Full and straighter on middle and off, Munaweera kneels and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket for a single.
  • 0.2 Quicker one around off, on a bit of a shorter length, Munaweera stands his ground and blocks it right under his nose.
  • 0.1 Flatter ball on the pads from around the wicket, Gunathilaka is off the mark with a flick through mid-wicket. One run taken.
  • Back for the chase! The men concerned are out in the centre. Out walk the Lankan openers, Dilshan Munaweera and Danushka Gunathilaka. It's a daunting task ahead of them. Like always, Imad Wasim to begin proceedings. Here we go...

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3767 111
3 England 4497 105
4 New Zealand 3114 97
5 Australia 3294 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 6386 120
2 India 6379 120
3 Australia 5948 114
4 England 6156 114
5 New Zealand 5432 111
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 2843 124
2 New Zealand 1925 120
3 West Indies 2395 120
4 England 2029 119
5 India 2965 119