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New Zealand Vs Pakistan Live Score (ODI)

Date: Saturday, 13 January, 2018 10:10 IST Venue: University Oval, Dunedin Match Status: Match Ended

New Zealand beat Pakistan by 183 runs

Pakistan 74/10 (27.2 ov) R/R 2.72 | Match Ended

  • Sarfraz Ahmed 4,
  • Rumman Raees 16

    this over :

  • 4

  • 0(W)

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Sarfraz Ahmed (C) (W) not out 14 28 0 0
Bowling 0 M R B
Tim Southee 7 3 19 0
Trent Boult 7.2 1 17 5
  • That's all we have from this game. It's going all downhill for the Asian side and it would require something spectacular from them if they are to win at least a game on this series. New Zealand now can test their bench strength since they have already got the hands on the trophy. Will we see Pakistan managing a win or will the plot remain the same in Hamilton? Join us on 16th January, 2018 at 1400 Local (0100 GMT) to catch all the action. Till then, goodbye and cheers!
  • New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson is elated with the show. Feels the surface was a bit tricky but still wasn't that bad to bat on. Adds Trent Boult has been fabulous throughout the series. At the halfway break they had a talk that they have good amount of runs in the bank, it's all about bowling and exceuting the plans. Is happy that his batters spent time in the middle and stitched valuable partnerships. Hopes to carry on the good show and informs their focus to win each and every game.
  • Pakistan skipper, Sarfraz Ahmed is really disappointed with the loss. Adds this is a tough loss for them to gulp. Admits his bowlers did a fine job but their batting flopped again. Hopes to sort out the issue with the new ball and not loss too many wickets in the first ten overs.
  • Man of the Match, Trent Boult is really delighted with his performance but feels it was a collective effort on their part to win the game. Feels it was quite windy out there and he let it go aggressively as he could. Adds they wanted to seal the series today and knew that 250 was always good to seal the fate.
  • Trent Boult was breathing fire with the way he made the new ball talk. He ran havoc at the top and then came back to pick up a 5-wicket haul. Tim Southee from the other end was very disciplined too while the rest just came and continued to chip away at the wickets to choke completely visitors. The fact that no. 11 is the highest scorer in the second innings should tell you how poor the batting was from the Asian side. If it wasn't for Amir and Raees' fun in the middle, their side would have faced even more embarrassing. Stay with us as we bring you the presentation...
  • A shambolic batting performance by Pakistan or deadly bowling display from the Kiwis? It's for you all to think that. Yes, agreed that 258 was tough on this kind of a wicket but getting bundled out for a paltry 74 is not acceptable at all. Their batsmen never really came to the party and as a result they surrendered meekly to give New Zealand the series. The chase got over inside the first 10 overs when Pakistan were reduced to 9/3.
  • 27.2 OUT! And fittingly the one who started the rampage, ends it too. Trent Boult picks up his fourth 5-fer to end the Pakistan innings. A perfect yorker at a good pace which is too good for the no. 11. Raees misses and hears the death rattle. NZ WIN BY 183 RUNS.
  • 27.1 FOUR! Fuller delivery on the stumps, Raees clears his front leg and thwacks it over mid on for another boundary. He's having some fun in the middle. Pakistan avoid the lowest ODI score in New Zealand now.
  • 26.6 Good shot! Full toss on middle, punched down the ground past Southee who fails to stop it with his right boot in the followthrough. The man from long on dives to his left to cut it off, they take only a single. 70/9
  • 26.5 The batsman guides it to third man. They pick up a single.
  • 26.5 Wide! Short and miles over the head of the Pakistan skipper. Left alone.
  • 26.4 Indipping full toss on the pads, Raees looks to flick but gets it off the inner half through backward square leg for a single.
  • 26.3 FOUR! That's off the meat! What a powerful stroke! Touch short on middle, it sits up at a good height. Raees clears his front leg and murders the swipe across the line over mid-wicket.
  • 26.2 Bowls a leg cutter, at 104.7 kph, it comes back in as Raees pokes it out somehow.
  • 26.1 Shortish delivery on middle, RR makes room and steers it by hopping in the crease towards point. Looks for the single but it is not on.

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4969 124
2 South Africa 3888 111
3 Australia 4174 104
4 New Zealand 3489 100
5 England 4829 99
6 Sri Lanka 4058 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 6386 120
2 India 6680 119
3 New Zealand 6650 117
4 England 6483 116
5 Australia 6077 113
6 Pakistan 4875 96
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 2262 126
2 Pakistan 2843 124
3 India 3385 121
4 England 2029 119
5 West Indies 2538 115
6 South Africa 2238 112