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New Zealand Vs Pakistan Live Score (ODI)

Date: Saturday, 06 January, 2018 12:12 IST Venue: Basin Reserve, Wellington Match Status: Match Ended

New Zealand beat Pakistan by 61 runs (D/L method)

Pakistan 166/6 (30.1 ov) R/R 5.51 | Match Ended

  • Faheem Ashraf 17,
  • Fakhar Zaman 15

    this over :

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Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Fakhar Zaman not out 82 86 5 4
Faheem Ashraf not out 17 12 2 1
Bowling 0 M R B
Tim Southee 6.1 0 22 3
Trent Boult 6 1 35 2
  • KANE WILLIAMSON has been named the Man Of The Match for his superlative century. It has helped break Pakistan's winning streak of 9 successive ODI wins, from the first match loss to India in the Champions Trophy in 2017. The next stop is now Nelson, where the Kiwis will aim to double the series lead while the visitors will look to do better in all departments. Do join us for that game on Tuesday, 9th January, 2018 at 1100 LOCAL (2200 GMT, previous night) for all the action from the second ODI. Till then, you can catch all the action from the first SA-Ind Test and the final Ashes Test. ADIOS! Take Care!
  • One might not be totally wrong if it is said that the chase was perhaps over in the first 16 overs itself when Pakistan had lost half their side. Fakhar Zaman was the only batsman who showed some resilience while Shadab Khan and Faheem Ashraf seemed to indicate that the batting depth of the team is pretty deep. But in short, a disappointing performance with the bat.
  • Yet another dominating win for New Zealand then. They did not have much problems with the bat and though Pakistan might argue that things could have been different had Kane Williamson's catch been taken, the hosts always looked in control. The top 3 batted well and then Nicholls came down the order for a late burst. Pakistan were disappointing with the ball and largely struggled with the wind. Hasan Ali though, still picked up 3 scalps.
  • That is it. PLAY HAS BEEN CALLED OFF. New Zealand have been declared winners by 61 runs (DLS method). Not to suggest that Pakistan would have won this had the game gone the distance but the fightback shown by Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan and Faheem Ashraf was heartening. They would have loved to take the game into the final 10 overs.
  • Still no news of resumption.... the covers are firmly in place...
  • Noooooooooooooooo! The rain is back and so are the covers. Keep waiting...
  • Hurrah! The players are back on the field! That was hardly a delay, wasn't it? No overs lost, so Pakistan still have the entire quota of overs to bat....
  • 1735 LOCAL - And off they go... the umpires have been trying to delay the inevitable for as long as possible but the rain has just got very heavy for play to continue. Not too many covers on at the moment, just the single one. It does look very heavy, the rain that is. Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully, we have a resumption...
  • 30.1 Around middle and off, watchfully defended.
  • The rain seems to be getting heavier. The umpires do get together but are happy with the current situation. Pakistan may not want to go off the field right now... they have some sort of a momentum and if they go off now, they will end up losing the game by Duckworth-Lewis method.
  • 29.6 That is a better single. Pushed to point. 166/6
  • 29.5 On middle and leg, Faheem wants to push and run to the leg side but Zaman sends him back.
  • 29.4 SIX! High and handsome! Tossed up outside off and this time Ashraf does not block. Lunges and lofts this straight back over the bowler and clears long off!
  • 29.3 The arm ball, slides this one through, with the angle, FA looks to defend but the ball whizzes past the outside edge.
  • 29.2 Full again, a bit flatter and quicker this time, Faheem gets across and blocks.

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4969 124
2 South Africa 3888 111
3 Australia 4174 104
4 New Zealand 3489 100
5 England 4829 99
6 Sri Lanka 4058 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 6386 120
2 India 6680 119
3 England 6320 115
4 New Zealand 6404 114
5 Australia 6012 113
6 Pakistan 4811 96
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 2262 126
2 Pakistan 2843 124
3 India 3385 121
4 England 2029 119
5 West Indies 2538 115
6 South Africa 2238 112