Australia Vs New Zealand Live Score (T20)

Date: IST Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney Match Status: Match Ended

Australia beat New Zealand by 7 wickets (D/L method)

  • 2139 local - Spoke too soon. The rain returns and the covers are back on as well. Nothing much to report other than that. Stay with us for latest updates...
  • 2131 local - The rain has stopped and the groundsmen are getting the field ready for play. We will get the chase underway soon. Stay tuned...
  • 2110 local - IT'S RAINING. That's the latest we are getting from the ground. In for a delayed start. Let's hope it's not too long. Stay tuned for more updates...
  • Australia bowled and fielded with energy and made life difficult for their rivals. They maintained pressure throughout the innings and apart from a few overs towards the end, the Aussie bowlers ruled the roost. Stanlake did the early damage while Tye was lethal at the death, finishing with a 4-wicket haul. The pitch certainly has some spice for the bowlers and the Australians will have to approach this tricky total sensibly. In Trent Boult and Tim Southee, the opposition also possesses a good attack. Do join us in a short while...
  • A mediocre batting show by the Kiwis but somehow they have managed to put some runs on the board, all thanks to Colin de Grandhomme's blitz towards the end. Put into bat, the visitors found it very tough to deal with the extra pace and bounce of Billy Stanlake. The giant bowler removed the top half in a jiffy and the Kiwi innings never recovered after that.
  • 19.6 OUT! Bowled! Tye keeps it full and straight, good pace too, Sodhi shuffles a bit to smash it across the line but it ends up being a nothing shot. He misses the ball completely and the stumps are disturbed. New Zealand end on 117/9!
  • 19.5 Keeps it full and outside off, a swing and a miss by Sodhi.
  • 19.4 Swings and a miss and they cross for a bye. The keeper misses his shy at the striker's end and with no one backing it up, they cross for the second too. A bit strange. de Grandhomme should have looked to keep strike.
  • 19.3 Knocks a full ball down to long on for a run.
  • Ish Sodhi comes out to bat.
  • 19.2 OUT! Finds the fielder with accuracy. A low full toss on middle, angling in, Southee swings it over backward square leg and it goes low down to the fielder in the deep. Stoinis makes no mistake.
  • 19.1 The batsman works it down the leg side. One run added to the total.
  • 18.6 SIX! Southee showing that he can hit it miles as well. Slower delivery, a bit short and on middle, Tim picks it, gets on top of the bounce and launches it over mid-wicket for a biggie. New Zealand getting the much-needed impetus here, 20 odd runs in the last two overs. 113/7
  • 18.5 Well bowled, slower in pace and on a length outside off, Southee gets across, swings and misses.
  • 18.4 The batsman has played it to the point region. One run added to the total.
  • 18.3 Angles in a length ball on off, Southee winds up for a big shot but gets a big inside edge onto the pads. It rolls beside the pitch and they cross.
  • 18.2 Opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 18.1 Fullish around off and it's hit straight back. The bowler fails to make a clean stop and the ball rolls to mid off. They cross.
  • Kane Richardson is back on.
  • 17.6 SIX! Oh lord, he has nailed it deep into the stand. Fuller length ball around off, de Grandhomme leans across a bit and uses his powerful wrists to pummel it over square leg. Boom! 11 from the over. 100 up for the Kiwis! 103/7
  • 17.6 Wide! This one is too wide outside off, Colin de Grandhomme swishes and misses.
  • 17.5 Exceptional piece of fielding by Ashton. He saves FOUR runs for his team. Tye angles in a full length ball on off and Colin decides to go downtown. Makes a good connection and it's destined to fly over the ropes. But........ Ashton Agar has different ideas. He flies himself near the fence and parries it back. The batsmen take two. Efforts like these just lift the entire team.
  • 17.4 On a good length outside off, Southee plays it down square of the wicket on the off side for a run.
  • 17.3 Whips it over mid-wicket and takes a single.
  • Tim Southee is in next.
  • 17.2 OUT! The pressure was building and it results in a wicket. Tye delivers it on a fuller length on middle, change in pace again, Santner clears his front leg to heave it over the leg side. But he gets more elevation than distance behind his shot. Warner settles underneath it at deep mid-wicket and the rest is history. He pumps his fists in celebration. Warner is loving the captaincy role.
  • 17.1 Slower and fuller on off, it's defended back to the bowler.
  • Andrew Tye returns.
  • 16.6 Brilliant over by Stoinis. He ends it with a short delivery, slower in pace on middle and leg, Colin tries to hook but misses. 92/6
  • 16.5 Shortish and around off, Santner punches it unconvincingly towards backward point where the fielder dives to his right to stop the ball. A single taken.
  • 16.4 Nearly a return catch! Stoinis delivers a length ball around leg and middle, Santner tries to work it on the leg side but gets a leading edge. It pops out but dies in front of the bowler.
  • 16.3 Bowls it full and on middle and leg, Colin knocks it down to long on for one.
  • 16.2 Once again Stoinis manages to fool the batsman with a slower one. It's in the zone outside off, de Grandhomme is completely deceived and misses the ball.
  • 16.1 Appeal for a catch, not given. A slower delivery by Stoinis. On a length and outside off, Colin is early into the shot and misses. The keeper collects the ball and appeals but the umpire remains unmoved.
  • Mitchell Santner strides in next. While Marcus Stoinis will bowl his first over.
  • 15.6 OUT! The in-form Taylor has to go. He could have been the difference in the final overs. Agar bowls this short outside off, Taylor charges down the wicket for a flashy shot but gets a slight bottom edge to it. A very good catch by Carey and then he whips off the bails too. Had that not been given caught out, Rosco would have been stumped. A very good partnership of 30 runs comes to an end but New Zealand needed more. 90/6
  • 15.5 De Grandhomme hits this past mid-wicket to rotate strike.
  • 15.4 Worked away through mid on by Taylor for one.
  • 15.3 De Grandhomme flicks this to deep square leg and they hare back to pick up three runs.
  • 15.2 Leg bye. The batsman has been hit on the pads as he tried to sweep it. They have run through for a single. The umpire signals Leg Bye.
  • 15.1 De Grandhomme pats this through mid on for one.
  • Ashton Agar to bowl now.
  • 14.6 Taylor hits this back to the bowler. 83/5
  • 14.5 Played through mid-wicket by the batsman. They pick up a single.
  • 14.4 SIX! Another one in the over. This time on the on side and even bigger. Tossed up and de Grandhomme goes on one knee to slog sweep this over mid-wicket for a maximum.
  • 14.3 Darts this outside off, de Grandhomme misses his cut and the ball goes to the keeper.
  • 14.2 SIX! Loopy ball around off, Grandhomme lofts this over the deep cover region for the first biggie of the innings.
  • 14.1 Taylor plays this through mid-wicket to rotate strike.
  • 13.6 Quicker delivery, straighter in line, Taylor works it through the gap on the leg side for a run. Billy Stanlake has bowled out, 4-0-15-3! Wonderful effort by him. 69/5
  • 13.5 Shortish outside off, cut straight to point.
  • 13.4 The batsman works it down the leg side. They pick up a single.
  • 13.3 Angles in a length ball on off, it's defended back.
  • 13.2 FOUR! Cracking shot! Once again Stanlake is on the shorter side, de Grandhomme stands back to get on top of the bounce and pulls it powerfully over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 13.1 Back of a length ball outside off, tapped down to point.
  • Billy Stanlake to bowl his last over.
  • 12.6 Floated ball, de Grandhomme works it past mid on for another run. 63/5
  • 12.5 Loopy ball, around off, de Grandhomme goes for the loft but misses it. Carey takes off the bails in a flash but nothing doing.
  • 12.4 Finds the gap this time, Taylor milks this through covers for a run.
  • 12.3 Taylor drives this to covers.
  • 12.3 Wide. The ball is down the leg side but the batsman still goes after it. The umpire signals a wide.
  • 12.2 Taylor plays the square cut.
  • Colin de Grandhomme walks in next. My colleague, actually my manager, says he looks like Roger Federer.
  • 12.1 OUT! New Zealand lose half their side. Zampa tosses this up and Tom charges down the wicket and looks to go over the top. He doesn't time it well and the ball goes to the long on region where Richardson takes another good catch near the fence.
  • 11.6 Blundell dances down the wicket and hits it through mid-wicket for a run. Tidy stiff by Agar. 60/4
  • 11.5 Blundell reverse sweeps this to the fielder at short third man.
  • 11.4 Taylor works this down to the leg side to pick up a run.
  • 11.4 Wide. The batsman tries flicking a ball that is down the leg side. Wide signalled by the umpire.
  • 11.3 Taylor punches this on the off side and they pick up a brace.
  • 11.2 Wide outside leg, Taylor goes after it but misses and the ball is collected by the keeper. Must have struck the thigh pad on the way. No wide signalled.
  • 11.1 Blundell charges to Agar and lofts it over covers to give his partner the strike.
  • 10.6 Blundell guides this to third man to rotate strike. 54/4
  • 10.5 Taylor flicks it away with a wristy shot. One run added to the total.
  • 10.4 Blundell works it on the leg side for one.
  • 10.3 The short of length delivery has been cut away through square on the off side.
  • 10.2 NOT OUT! It always looked like the impact was an issue. Interesting to know why the Aussies went for it. Bowls this around off, Taylor comes down the wicket by a step and looks to work it on the on side. The ball hits him on the pads and goes to the short third man region. They run through as they appeal. The umpire shows no interest and Warner goes for the DRS. The replays show that the impact was outside off and even the ball was going to miss the timber. Waste of a review!
  • A review for LBW is being referred. Looks like it has hit him outside the line. Let's see.
  • 10.1 The batsman has driven it through mid-off. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • Adam Zampa to roll his arm.
  • 9.6 Slower ball, Taylor misses his shot outside off. After 10 overs NZ are 49/4. They will need a big turnaround to get a competitive total from here. 49/4
  • 9.5 Blundell lofts this over covers for a run.
  • 9.4 Blundell pulls this ball to the mid-wicket fielder.
  • 9.3 Back of a length ball, swings away from Blundell who misses his shot.
  • 9.2 Smart cricket from NZ. Length outside off, Blundell shuffles on his crease and works it to the deep square leg region. They hare back for the second run.
  • 9.1 Taylor cuts this ball through point to move to the other end.
  • 8.6 Slower delivery, nice loop, lands around off and Tom defends it towards cover-point. 45/4
  • 8.5 A conventional sweep by Taylor, he places it behind square leg and crosses.
  • 8.4 Out comes the reverse sweep from the bat of Blundell. He makes nice connection and sends it running to third man. Stanlake gives it a chase and slides near the fence to save a run. Good work by the tall guy!
  • 8.3 Turns it off his pads to mid-wicket and crosses for a run. Confusion over the second run but they eventually decide not to take risk.
  • 8.2 Walks forward, gets deceived a bit in flight but does well to defend it with the spin to the off side.
  • 8.1 Flighted on off, defended.
  • 7.6 In the air...but safe. Fuller in length, Blundell chips this over mid off and the ball is in the sky for some time. The mid off fielder hares towards it but the ball falls safely. The pick up two runs. 40/4
  • 7.5 Taps it on the point region and quickly completes the run.
  • 7.4 Blundell guides this to third man for one.
  • 7.4 Wide. The ball is down the leg side but the batsman still goes after it. The umpire signals a wide.
  • 7.3 Taylor punches this ball off his back foot past the cover region for a run.
  • Tom Blundell walks in next.
  • 7.2 OUT! The skipper has to depart. Tye gets a wicket in his first over. Back of a length ball on middle, Williamson tries to flick it on the leg side by going on his toes but gets a leading edge due to the extra bounce. The ball skies high towards the cover region and Warner runs back to take a wonderful catch. Never easy to do that but the Aussie skipper is an exceptional fielder. The visitors slip further.
  • 7.1 Starts off with a good length ball in line of the stumps, Williamson defends this off his back foot.
  • Andrew Tye to bowl his first over.
  • 6.6 Uses his feet to come down the track and flicks it through mid-wicket. Looks for the second run but the fielder in the deep is quick to the ball and they have to satisfy with only a run. 34/3
  • 6.5 Flighted and full outside off, Williamson reaches out but drives it straight to covers.
  • 6.4 Quicker and fuller on leg, it's helped towards mid-wicket for another run.
  • 6.3 This time Taylor eases it through the gap at mid-wicket and comes back for the second run. Good running by the pair!
  • 6.2 Advances down to the pitch of the ball and mistimes his drive back to the bowler. Immediately runs back inside the crease, Rosco.
  • 6.1 Flatter and on the pads, worked through backward square leg for a single.
  • Ashton Agar to roll his arm.
  • 5.6 Short ball, Taylor tries to pull it but doesn't connect. The ball flies to the backward point fielder. End of the Powerplay, NZ are 29/3. 29/3
  • 5.5 Taylor gets a bottom edge to this trying to pull it on the on side.
  • 5.4 Slow ball around off, Taylor goes for the big heave and misses it completely. Smart bowling by Billy!
  • 5.3 Fat inside edge to this too. Fuller in length, Taylor gets an inside edge and the ball goes to the wide fine leg region. They come back for the second run.
  • 5.2 Williamson punches this on the off side for one more.
  • 5.1 Good pace and very well bowled. Yorker from Stanlake and Taylor does well to keep it out. The ball goes to the square leg region and they pick up a run.
  • 4.6 Edged again...Wide of the keeper this time. Outside off, Williamson edges this to the third man region and the fielder does well to restrict it to two runs. 25/3
  • 4.5 Drags his length back, Taylor pulls this to mid-wicket for one.
  • 4.4 FOUR! Taylor gets off the mark but not in the most convincing ways. Tries to cut this ball too close from his body. Gets a healthy edge to it and the ball flies between the keeper and the wide slip fielder to the fence.
  • 4.3 Edged but safe. Length outside off, Taylor gets an edge to this but it falls short of the wide slip fielder.
  • 4.2 Taylor defends this ball outside off.
  • 4.1 Length on the legs, Williamson flicks it to the deep square leg region to move to the other end.
  • 3.6 One run to end the over. Length delivery on the pads of Williamson, who flicks it away in front of square on the leg side. So, just the one run and a wicket for Stanlake. His bowling figures at the moment, 2-0-5-3! 17/3
  • 3.5 Length outside off, Williamson happy to just tap it on the off side.
  • 3.4 Kane defends this off his back foot.
  • 3.3 Williamson cuts this one to the point fielder.
  • Ross Taylor joins Kane in the middle.
  • 3.2 OUT! Stanlake gets his third wicket. The tall bowler is troubling the batsmen with his pace and bounce. Bangs this short, Bruce looks to hook this but gets a fat top edge. The ball skies to the fine leg fielder, Richardson who takes a good reserve cup catch close to the boundary line. New Zealand in trouble. Billy is on fire.
  • 3.1 Fires this full in line of the stumps, Bruce gets the bottom edge to this and the ball goes to mid on.
  • 2.6 Length around off, Kane defends this solidly. 16/2
  • 2.5 Williamson cuts this to the point fielder.
  • 2.4 Drags his length a bit behind the good length. Williamson misses his stroke and the ball hits his thigh pad.
  • 2.3 Fuller in length, Williamson plays it to mid-wicket.
  • 2.2 Jaffa! Nips in back after pitching. Richo bowls this on a good length around off, comes back to Kane and just misses the inside edge. Hits him near the groin region.
  • 2.1 Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 2.1 Wide. Richardson is struggling to find his line. Bowls this on a length outside leg, Williamson misses his flick and the ball goes to the keeper. Wide signalled by the umpire.
  • 1.6 Fullish and outside off, pushed in the gap at covers for a run. Outstanding over by Billy Stanlake! 15/2
  • 1.5 Good length ball on middle and off, defended off the back foot.
  • 1.4 Another delivery in the 150s, that's quite rare. An outswinger, Kane tries running it down to third man but misses.
  • 1.3 Almost a hat-trick! Spears in a very full ball on middle, at a lightning speed of 151.1 kph, Bruce does well to bring his bat down in time. He works it across through mid-wicket and collects a brace.
  • Tom Bruce to face the hat-trick ball.
  • 1.2 OUT! Wow, what a delivery! The stumps are disturbed and New Zealand have both their openers back in the hut in a space of two balls. Stanlake delivers it on a good length around off, excellent pace once again and this time it shapes away a bit too. Guptill is caught inside the crease as he opens up in defense. It whizzes past his bat and rattles the timber. The SCG crowd is on fire.
  • Kane Williamson is the new batsman.
  • 1.1 OUT! It's a big wicket for Australia as Colin Munro has shown some lethal form of late. Big Billy digs in a sharp shortish ball on middle, 144 kph, Munro tries to pull it across the line but gets a top edge due to extra pace and bounce. It balloons behind and the keeper moves across to his right to take the skier. They are all delighted, what a start for the giant bowler!
  • The big guy with enormous pace - Billy Stanlake is back in the team and he will share the attack from the other end.
  • 0.6 Excellent work in the deep from Tye. Richardson drags his length a tad shorter, Munro cuts it past point and Tye hares to save the boundary. He dives and does enough to pull it back in play. The umpire checks for the boundary but the replays show that it's very well done by Tye. The batsmen pick up three runs. End of the first over. 11 from it. 11/0
  • 0.5 Overpitched ball, Guptill taps it to mid on for a run.
  • 0.4 Leg bye. Stifled appeal from the players but nothing from the umpire. Length ball in line of the stumps, just swinging away from Munro who misses his flick. The ball hits his pads and they run through.
  • 0.3 Leg bye. Length on leg, Guptill misses his flick and the ball goes on to hit his thigh pad. They run through for a single.
  • 0.2 FOUR! First of the innings. Easy pickings for Guptill. Bowls this full around leg, Guptill just helps it on its way to the fine leg region for a boundary.
  • 0.1 Full again, outside off, gets a bit of outside swing. And Guptill jams it out.
  • 0.1 Wide. Kane steams in and starts off with a full ball, outside leg. Guptill goes for the flick but it is far away from him. Wide to start with.
  • All set to get underway. The power-duo, Colin Munro and Martin Guptill stride out to open for the Kiwis. Kane Richardson, with a big smile on his face, takes the new ball. He has a slip in place. Here we go...
  • New Zealand (Playing XI) - Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson(c), Tom Bruce, Ross Taylor, Colin de Grandhomme, Tom Blundell(w), Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult.
  • Australia (Playing XI) - David Warner(c), D'Arcy Short, Chris Lynn, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey(w), Ashton Agar, Andrew Tye, Kane Richardson, Adam Zampa, Billy Stanlake.
  • Toss - Australia have won the toss and have opted to field first. Ricky Pointing has handed the team cap to D'Arcy Short and Alex Carey. So, two debutants for the hosts. The visitors are more or less playing the same XI like they did against Pakistan. Colin Munro, who was struggling with his fitness, is declared fit.
  • Welcome to the first match of the T20I tri-series between Australia and New Zealand. After a rather poor ODI series, Australia will now look to take control in the shortest format, something they have not done enough. The visitors, too, were handed a series defeat by Pakistan in the T20Is and will hope they do not repeat their mistakes. The home team will be without the services of their Test skipper so David Warner will lead the team. We might get to see some new faces donning the national jersey for the first time. Stay with us for more updates...
  • Billy Stanlake is declared the Man of the Match. His spell at the start decided the fate of this game as New Zealand never recovered after that. That's all we have from this game. We look forward to your company on 7th February for the clash between Australia and England in Hobart. Do join us at 1940 local (0840 GMT) for all the action. Cheers!
  • Glenn Maxwell gives a quick interview on his way back. He says that he is happy with the team performance. Adds that many of their players have played a lot of domestic cricket and were looking good. On the chase, he replies that they didn't get much from the Powerplay so they tried to score quick runs after that. Mentions that they played to their strengths and he is delighted that Lynn took the pressure off him. On team selection, he says that the players were chosen on current form and good performance in the Big Bash League. He reckons that they want to see more success in this format. On being asked about taking tips from Ricky Ponting, Maxwell replies that he is his idol and he always looks up to him.
  • The tourist got two early wickets in the game but didn't apply enough pressure to bottle up Australia. They didn't get the bounce that Stanlake produced which allowed Maxwell and Lynn to go after them. 117 is less on any pitch and after the revised target it became even more difficult for New Zealand. Just the first game of the series, they will take positives from it, if any, and will try to bounce back.
  • A commanding win for this new-look Australia! After a delayed start to the chase, Australia were set a revised target of 95 runs in 15 overs. The hosts approached it with aggressive intent and tried to score quickly. They lost a couple of quick wickets but that didn't stop Maxwell and Lynn from playing their shots. Their partnership worth 77 off 53 balls sealed the deal for the visitors.
  • 11.3 FOUR! Maxwell finishes it off in style. Southee pitches it full and around off, Maxwell pounces onto it and spanks it over mid off. One bounce into the fence. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 7 WICKETS (D-L method)!
  • 11.2 Bouncer by Tim, Glenn ducks.
  • 11.1 FOUR! My lord, that's power for you. A length ball around middle, Maxwell walks across the stumps and bludgeons it through square leg. There is a fielder in the deep but before he can react, it has crossed the fence.
  • 11.1 Wide! Short and angling down the leg side, Maxwell tries to work it around but misses.
  • Tim Southee to bowl...
  • Alex Carey is in next.
  • 10.6 OUT! Lynn falls to a short ball. He once again attempts to power his pull shot but fails to get on top of the bounce. As a result, his shot lacks the desired venom to sail into the stand. Sodhi catches it in the deep backward square leg region. For a moment, we thought he misjudged it. But no, was always in control, it's just he didn't bring his body behind and caught it sideways. 87/3
  • 10.5 That's a mishit but it still goes like a rocket. Short in length on middle, Lynn powers it with great bat speed, doesn't middle but it races to wide long on. A couple taken.
  • 10.4 Spears it very full around off, Maxwell digs it out to mid off and pinches a run.
  • 10.3 A length ball on middle, Maxwell goes on his toes and defends it back.
  • 10.2 Almost identical to the last delivery, this time Lynn makes connection and slaps it to backward point for a run.
  • 10.1 Boult runs in from over the wicket and delivers a shortish ball outside off, Lynn stays back and tries to smash it down the ground but misses.
  • Trent Boult is back.
  • 9.6 FOUR! No stopping Lynn, he hits it straight back past the bowler for another boundary to end the over. 12 more runs needed. 83/2
  • 9.5 Easy runs for Australia. Another shot driven through covers to get closer to the total.
  • 9.4 Maxwell cuts this ball through point to rotate strike.
  • 9.3 Lynn drives this past covers for another run.
  • 9.2 FOUR! Lynn is in a hurry, pulls this short ball to the deep square leg region for a boundary. 19 more needed.
  • 9.1 Darts this full, Maxwell lofts it over covers for one.
  • 8.6 Maxwell rocks onto his back foot and punches this to pick up a run. 12 off the over. Australia need 24 more to win. 71/2
  • 8.5 FOUR! Maxwell goes hard at this full delivery. Floated ball, Maxi drives it through covers for a boundary. Drilled.
  • 8.4 In the air...but safe. Nicely tossed up again, Lynn goes for the sweep and the ball gets a bottom edge to it and flies high towards deep square leg. It falls safe and they run through.
  • 8.3 Fires this one. Good change of pace. Lynn hits it back to the bowler.
  • 8.2 Tosses this one too after being hit for a biggie. Lynn drives this to mid off.
  • 8.1 SIX! Tossed up, Lynn goes on one knee and slog sweeps this over mid-wicket for a biggie! That's the fifty-run stand between the two.
  • Mitchell Santner to bowl.
  • 7.6 Lynn cuts this past point for another run. 59/2
  • 7.5 Maxwell punches this ball on the off side. Good effort from the cover fielder to restrict it to one.
  • 7.4 On the legs of Maxwell who flicks it away to deep square leg for a brace.
  • 7.3 Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 7.2 Cracker of a leg break. Bowls this in line of the stumps and goes past the outside edge of Maxwell. Glenn was completely bamboozled by the turn. There is some turn and grip if the spinners get their pace right.
  • 7.1 Short ball, Lynn punches this one and crosses over.
  • 6.6 De Grandhomme punches the ball close to his body past mid on to end the over with a run. 54/2
  • 6.5 Maxwell cuts this through point for a quick run.
  • 6.4 Pitched up, Lynn works it past mid on to rotate strike.
  • 6.3 A bit behind the good good length, Maxwell punches this for another run.
  • 6.2 SIX! Effortlessly done! Fuller this time from de Grandhomme, Maxwell extends his arms and lofts it over long on for half a dozen.
  • 6.1 Starts off with a back of a length ball, Lynn punches it on the off side for a run.
  • De Grandhomme to bowl his first over.
  • 5.6 Lynn plays it through mid-wicket to retain strike. 43/2
  • 5.5 Enough time for Maxwell to ease it away on the leg for one more.
  • 5.4 Lynn flicks it away with a wristy shot on the leg side. They pick up a single.
  • 5.3 The batsman rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball.
  • 5.2 FOUR! Wrong one from Sodhi, Lynn cuts it with fast hands and the ball runs away to the backward point region for a boundary. Santner from the deep hares to stop it but his dive too is not enough.
  • 5.1 A bit short from Sodhi, Lynn taps it on the off side.
  • Ish Sodhi comes into the attack.
  • 4.6 FOUR! Cheeky by Maxy! Southee bangs in a short ball outside off, Maxwell stays put inside the crease and just uses the pace of the bowler to ramp it past the keeper. A boundary at third man results, 9 from the over, 36/2 in the Powerplay, 59 needed off 60 balls. 36/2
  • 4.5 Jumps on the back foot to a shortish ball and taps it down to point. One more ball left in the Powerplay.
  • 4.4 Shortish and around leg, cramping Maxwell who tries to glance. It takes his gloves and rolls past the diving keeper to fine leg. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs.
  • 4.3 Back of a length delivery outside off, Glenn steers it through backward point for a couple.
  • 4.3 Wide called for height! Southee follows the batsman with a bouncer, Maxwell ducks and lets it through with his bat hanging right up. Not a good technique.
  • 4.2 Short and around leg, angling down, Maxwell moves across to pull but misses.
  • 4.1 Angles in a length ball on middle and off, Maxwell defends it from the crease.
  • Tim Southee gets a change of ends.
  • 3.6 FOUR! Pierces the gap this time. Flatter delivery in the line of the stumps, Lynn hops back a bit to create room and packs a punch past the cover fielder for a boundary. 27/2
  • 3.5 Quicker ball wide outside off, Lynn smashes it through the line but finds the cover fielder.
  • 3.4 Santner slows it up this time. He lands it around middle and off, gets some spin as well. Lynn defends it with an angled bat to point.
  • 3.3 FOUR! Santner drags his length short and bowls it around middle, Lynn gets down on one knee and thwacks it through square leg for a boundary. He picked the length very early there.
  • 3.2 Tossed up ball on middle, Lynn stays back footed in defense.
  • 3.1 Quicker one, around leg, almost a yorker, Lynn digs it back.
  • Mitchell Santner to bowl inside the Powerplay.
  • 2.6 Fullish and on middle, eased to mid-wicket for a run. 19/2
  • 2.5 Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 2.4 FOUR! Slashes and slashes hard. Looking in fine touch, Chris. He attacks the delivery outside off and smacks it over point for a boundary.
  • 2.3 FOUR! Powerfully struck! Boult angles a length ball away from the batsman, outside off, Lynn chances his arms and muscles it over covers for a boundary.
  • 2.2 Around off, Lynn defends it from the back foot.
  • Glenn Maxwell arrives. One big hitter after the other, Australia have plenty of them but who will stay and steer the side home?
  • 2.1 OUT! Fantastic catch in the deep by Bruce to dismiss the Aussie skipper. Body blow to the home team. Boult digs in a sharp short ball on middle, Warner goes for the pull shot and makes decent connection as well. It flies to the deep square leg region where Bruce settles underneath it and takes the catch close to the rope. He realizes that the momentum is taking him behind and hence he tosses the ball up, steps behind the rope and then comes back to complete the catch again. That's smartness for you.
  • 1.6 Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 10/1
  • Chris Lynn, another batsman known for his big hitting, walks in next.
  • 1.5 OUT! Short's debut innings is cut short. Southee persists with a short of a length delivery outside off, D'Arcy stays back to unfurl another powerful pull shot but fails to middle it well. Still it goes like a rocket to Taylor at short mid-wicket who pouches it easily. Those bucket-like hands of Rosco... Made it look so effortless. New Zealand get the first breakthrough. They need to keep chipping away at the wickets to stay in hunt.
  • 1.4 Angling away from the batsman, Short tries another pull shot but misses.
  • 1.3 FOUR! What a shot, Mr. Short! We saw plenty of these in the BBL and now the young man is displaying his talent on the big stage. He rocks back to a shortish ball outside off and blazes his pull shot through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 1.2 Straighter in line, Warner turns it through square leg and takes a single.
  • 1.1 FOUR! Southee drops it short first up, wide outside off, Warner exercises his arms and slams it over covers for a boundary. Tim needs to be right on the money as they are not defending a big total.
  • Tim Southee will bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6 Punched off the back foot by Short. End of a good over by Boult. 1/0
  • 0.5 Length around off, Warner plays it to mid on and they quickly run through. First run on the board.
  • 0.4 Drags his length back a bit, Warner goes for the pull and the ball hits his arm before dying on the ground.
  • 0.3 Length ball in line of the stumps, Warner hits it to mid on.
  • 0.2 Effort ball from Boult, outside off, Warner goes for the cut but it is high and wide above him.
  • 0.1 Starts off with a fuller ball in line of the stumps, Warner taps it on the leg side.
  • We are back for the chase. The umpires and the Kiwis take the field. David Warner and debutant, D'Arcy Short will open for the hosts, whereas Trent Boult will have a first go with the new ball.
  • Good news - The rain has stopped. And the players are getting ready to come out. The revised target is 95 and Australia will have to get it in 15 overs.

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 5313 121
2 South Africa 4484 115
3 Australia 4174 104
4 New Zealand 3489 100
5 England 4829 99
6 Sri Lanka 4374 95
Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 7594 122
2 South Africa 6911 117
3 England 6871 116
4 New Zealand 6550 115
5 Australia 6376 112
6 Pakistan 4877 96
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 3272 126
2 Australia 2513 126
3 India 3607 120
4 New Zealand 3013 116
5 West Indies 2538 115
6 England 2402 114