First Lady: Neerja Birla on raising awareness about mental health, effective parenting

She belongs to one of India’s oldest and most powerful business families, the third-largest Indian private sector conglomerate after the Tata Group and Reliance, but has set her own paradigm through her work in philanthropy, education and now mental illness.

Meet Neerja Birla, our guest on the latest episode of First Lady.

While Neerja has taken on many noteworthy roles through her life, her latest initiative is hugely commendable. Through her centre Mpower, Neerja and her team are helping raise awareness about mental health.

Neerja and First lady's host Meghna Pant, spoke about how mental health, as an issue, is increasingly receiving attention — but that there's still a long way to go. They also discussed how important inclusivity was, to the work of an organisation like Mpower.


Neerja Birla on First Lady

This becomes especially important in the case of gender perceptions — for instance, men might find it more difficult to seek help for mental health problems, because there's this stereotype that men must be macho/manly, or in other words, suffer silently.

They also discussed whether or not celebrity accounts of working through depression had helped reduce the stigma around the issue.

Moving on from mental health, the conversation took a more personal tone when Meghna quizzed Neerja about effective parenting.

Neerja spoke about not having 'taboo' topics with her children, and the legacy she'd like to pass on to them.

Watch Neerja Birla in conversation with author Meghna Pant, exclusively on First Lady.

Published Date: Jul 03, 2017 19:43 PM | Updated Date: Jul 03, 2017 19:58 PM