Watch: This rendition of 'Malare' from Premam by a Pakistani singer will leave you speechless

FP Staff

Nov,01 2016 14:35 30 IST

While the political parties of India are trying to ban Pakistani artistes from working in India, and vica-versa, there are a few brave ones who are attempting to bring back universal peace and normalcy between the two countries.

Nazia Amin Mohammad, a business development executive based in Pakistan, has now come under the media spotlight after her attempt to pay tribute to her Malayalee friends has gone viral.

Nazia Amin Mohammad_380

She seems to be a budding singer and by the looks of her new video, we are sure she has the early making of becoming the next social media sensation. She seems to found of Malayalam films, and has paid a melodious tribute to the song 'Malare' from hit film Premam (2015).

The budding Pakistani singer spoke to The Newsminute her experience of going viral on social media, "I heard the song a few times and one day I randomly recorded it while at the office and sent it to a couple of Malayali friends. One of them then shared it on Facebook. I wrote down the lyrics in English to sing the song," Nazia says.  Nazia, whose mother is an Indian, says that she has always wanted peace between the two nations.

She says before breaking into the song 'Malare', "Since I have made so many friends from Kerala, India in Dubai, it’s my wish to dedicate a Malayali (sic) song for you people." She also apologizes beforehand for any probable pronunciation errors."

Here's the video that went viral:

Published Date: Nov 01, 2016 14:35 PM | Updated Date: Nov 01, 2016 14:55 PM