Watch, rewind, watch again: This New Year's Eve, give in to the awesome power of Soupy George

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Dec,31 2015 09:03 54 IST

By this time, you’re probably scrambling to organise snacks, maybe even a proper meal, alcohol (if such is your inclination), a venue and possibly even people to help you bring in 2016. Or you’re one of those people who has already got everything meticulously planned down to the radius of the doilies you plan to deploy… coasters, after all, are so passé.

At some point later in the day, you’ll start thinking about the soundtrack to your New Year's Eve.

Badgers? Beavers? Find out more in Soupy George. Screen grab from YouTube

Badgers? Beavers? Find out more in Soupy George. Screen grab from YouTube

And where better than the infinite recesses of the internet to find that memorable song?

Our recommendation is a gem from back in the day when having anything that went ‘viral’ was avoided like the plague. And ‘sharing’ it would result in a fist in your face rather than a fist with a protruding thumb on your social media profile.

So if it's not trending and it's not even new (nowhere near new in fact, considering it popped up near the start of the century), then why are we bothering with it and more importantly, why should you?

Answer: Because a) it should be trending and b) because it's new to you. Now pay attention.

From the imagination of animator Joel Veitch came Rather Good Videos, a short-lived television show (between 2003 and 2004) that showcased music videos — some based on original music, some on covers, others on parodies. All of them however had two things in common: They featured animated animals and were rather bizarre.

Most of these creations were preserved on the website and it is here that we dug up quite possibly the biggest gem of them all: Soupy George. Apart from being possibly the biggest viral (using the modern day meaning now) track to never go viral this century, Soupy George holds a simple heartwarming premise: The world would be a much better place if people wore cans of soup on their head. Or something like that.

At any rate, the actual song — littered with useful soup ingredients — will take to the insides of your head like a fishhook, in terms of its refusal to come unstuck.

A candidate for best viral-video-that-wasn’t of the century so far? You decide:

This seems as good a place as any to bring up the fact that if you’d like to know more about the century so far, look no further than F.Rewind.

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