Watch: Pixar's new short film 'Piper' is almost as good as 'Finding Dory'

FP Staff

Nov,07 2016 12:17 21 IST

If you are in that rare minority of people who hasn't watched the very anticipated sequel Finding Dory in the theatres yet, you missed an opportunity to watch one of Disney's most acclaimed shorts, the freshly released Piper.

Disney shorts have been a tradition since 1998's film A Bugs Life. The five to seven minutes film tells a short, and sweet story showcasing a range of emotions and characters. The director's of these shorts have gone on to make great feature length films in the future, and looking by the looks of this new short, titled Piper, which is directed and written by Alan Barillaro, we sure hope we see a film of his in the future.

The short is the story of a sandpiper trying to conquer her fear of water. Not only are the birds adorable, the short makes you chuckle too. Here's the short film:

Disney's shorts have always attracted instant admiration and fame. Remember 2015's Inside Out? If you had a chance to watch it in theatres, you might have had a chance to watch Lava, an emotional love story between two volcanic mountains. With lyrics like,

"I have a dream I hope will come true
That you're here with me and I'm here with you
I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above
will send me someone to lava.

One another famed Pixar short is Sanjay's Super Team, which was attached to the film The Good Dinosaur, released in India on 27 November 2016. The short marked Indian-American animator Sanjay Patel's directorial debut and centered around a young Hindu boy who preferred watching superheroes instead of listening to his father's morning players.

Published Date: Nov 07, 2016 12:17 PM | Updated Date: Nov 07, 2016 12:17 PM