Watch: Beyonce sings 'Choli Ke Peechhe' in hilarious mash-up of Coldplay's latest video

FP Staff

Feb,05 2016 16:24 17 IST

Chances are, by now, you have listened to and watched Coldplay's latest, Hymn For the Weekend. And if you have, there are also chances that you either loved the video or took offence.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Last week when the British band released their video, shot in India, many across the country expressed disappointment, but more importantly, took offence with its depiction of the country.

The Holi colors, the fireworks, the dance moves, the costumes, it was all just too much for many to digest. 'Cultural appropriation' took over Twitter.

But worry not, necessary steps have been taken to make Beyonce not just more authentically 'Indian', but the video itself more 'appropriate'.

A YouTube user recently took the trouble (and effort) to perfectly lip-sync Beyonce's part in the video with an Indian classic, yes you guessed it right, Choli Ke Peeche from Khalnayak.

The hilarious video is sure to wash off all the offence you might have taken and make you love (and forgive) Coldplay again (like you ever stopped that).

We do hope a thing like culture appropriation exited, so such drastic steps could be avoided. Although we are not complaining.