Viral Video: Meet Taher Shah, Pak's answer to Bappi Lahiri

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Jun,28 2013 10:31 18 IST

Is it a frizz-control conditioner ad? Is it a post-modern Pakistani version of Ram aur Shyam? Is it a shrewd conspiracy to throw Bappi Lahiri out of work? Is it a crash course on Facebook pick-up lines? Pakistani singer Taher Shah spoils you for choice with his video 'Eye to Eye' which has gone viral in Pakistan.

According to, no one knew about Shah till a few days back, until his video of 'Eye to Eye' surfaced on the internet. It has registered 200,000 views on YouTube already and has spawned thousands of social media jokes.

Taher Shah. Screengrab from YouTube video.

Taher Shah. Screengrab from YouTube video.

Shah, a striking cross between Mandakini and Semi Girebal, appears in the video to enlighten the world about the various adjectives that the British would tell you don't go with the word 'eye', but can still be used in a rebellious move against colonial impositions on the English language.

So apart from 'stylish', 'excellent' 'human' eyes you're told there can be 'spectrum' eyes and a 'dreaming fairy's' 'simple' eyes. From Nawaz Sharif to Narendra Modi, Shah trumps everyone with his definition of nationalism. After all, what can be a loftier form of nationalism than taking their language away from the English and giving it a whole new post-colonial grammar makeover?

On his website, Shah describes himself as a 'Singer, Lyricist, Writer, Model, Actor, Producer & Director' who is a businessman and a film producer too.

While jokes might be flying thick and fast about Shah, not everyone is amused. An article on Propakistani, says:

Again, the “any kind of publicity is a publicity” trick works here. The enormous success of this song can easily be attributed to the fact that its constantly garnering negative publicity over the past few days, and as a result, being the top-trending subject in Pakistan. For proof, just search #EyetoEye in twitter and there you’ll see it, people from all walks of life cornering a helpless guy.

As for us, we're just worried about Bappi Lahiri.

Watch video here:

Published Date: Jun 28, 2013 10:31 AM | Updated Date: Jun 28, 2013 10:31 AM