Tiger Shroff clarifies 'padding' comment, says would never think of female co-stars as 'mere props'

"I don’t get involved with the casting at all. I don’t really care about the padding around me. It’s the script and my character that matter" — this is the line that got Tiger Shroff into trouble a week ago.

When the actor said in an interview that he does not involve himself in the picking of leading ladies in films, he used the word 'padding' in a sentence. Notably, the publication used the quote containing this word in its headline, too. For the usage of this word, he was given much flak for being sexist and lacking empathy.

Tiger Shroff. News 18

Tiger Shroff. News 18

Critics also called out the actor for this statement because he said in the same Mumbai Mirrorinterview that he knows what newcomers go through.

Shroff has now opened up about what he meant when he made this remark. He said that the reporter speaking to him kept asking him about his co-stars in the upcoming film Student of the Year 2, and that she asked him if he is giving Disha Patani a push to be cast in his films.

He said that he meant to say that these casting decisions are up to the director, and that all he concerns himself with are his role and work.

"People who know me well know that I am not the kind of a guy to insult and disrespect women. I never called my heroines padding. I was referring to everything else about the film — how the director designs the film, shoots, and pads it up. I was talking about the structure and the padding around a film to make it larger and not about the girls at all. The reporter misinterpreted me completely in the process. She asked me if I was okay being cast opposite newcomers and I said it didn’t matter. What matters to me is the script and my role. I don’t interfere with the casting at all because I am very focused on myself. That’s all a filmmaker’s responsibility. The last thing I would do is think of actresses as mere props," said Shroff, as quoted by DNA.

Shroff feels that his words were taken out of context, adding that he was too shocked over people slamming him over something he didn't mean to say to respond to them.

This is not the first time that Tiger Shroff has come under fire for his comments about women. In the past, he has received backlash for his comment to an online portal about what kind of wife he wishes for. "I will get married to a girl from the village… When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed (sic). I like girls who are the housewife-type," he was reported saying.

Shroff later clarified on Twitter that he is all for women empowerment, adding that he considers women "as strong or stronger" than men, and that he respects his mother and sister "too much to say something like that".

Published Date: Jul 11, 2017 11:12 am | Updated Date: Jul 11, 2017 11:12 am