'This is Sunny Deol's best film': 'Ghayal Once Again' gets a thumbs-up from Pahlaj Nihalani

Subhash K Jha

Feb,03 2016 16:36 49 IST

It looks like Sunny Deol’s comeback film Ghayal Once Again is all set to resurrect the Deol as the dhai kilo ka haath wala boxoffice badshah. In the words of a very prominent filmmaker who saw the film, Ghayal Once Again is going to be the surprise success of the season.

The film opens 14 years after the point where the first film ended.

And yes, for a change this sequel has a sense of continuity in its plot movement. Sunny plays the same character Ajay Mehra that he played in Ghayal, 26 years ago .


Sunny Deol in a still from 'Ghayal Once Again'. Youtube screen grab.

He has spent 14 years in jail, and comes out disturbed, disoriented and ready to take on corruption all over again. This time his target is white-collar corruption, which he and his four disciples, played by four very promising newcomers, take on through RTIs. When all fails, the fist of fury flies like it has not aged at all.

The censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani who has been closely associated with Sunny Deol in the past says, “I’ve watched Sunny’s growth as an actor. He has worked with me in Paap Ki Duniya and Aag Ka Gola. There was no action hero to beat him back then. There is no one who can do stunts like him now. Ghayal Once Again Proves it.”

Apparently, the whole climax of Ghayal Once Again is inspired by the Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner True Lies, and is a spellbinding experience.

What’s more is that Sunny is not only shown to be all-powerful. There are vulnerable moments when his past from the first Ghayal film comes to haunt him. His trauma is attended to by a doctor played by Soha Ali Khan.

Says Nihalani, “Sunny plays both the powerful action machine and the hurt, wounded human being, equally well. This is his most mature and sensitive performance to date. As a director, Sunny has done as good a job as Raj Kumar Santoshi had done with the first Ghayal. I am completely bowled over by the film.”

The censor board granted the film a ‘UA’ certificate with no cuts.

“There is not a moment we could’ve cut in the film. We didn’t want to cut anything.It’s all very vital to the plot,”says Nihalani and predicts the film will be a big success, adding, "It’s definitely Sunny Deol’s comeback film."

Published Date: Feb 03, 2016 16:36 PM | Updated Date: Feb 03, 2016 16:36 PM