The Chainsmokers are coming to India: Five songs from the band you should listen to

As we all know, The Chainsmokers have sent all their Indian fans into a frenzy after sending out a 'don't worry' tweet, as precursor to what can only be tour dates! While we know you cannot wait for the dates to be announced, we will ease your suffering by helping you listen to the best Chainsmokers songs that have been released.

'Roses' (2015)

Taken from their debut EP Bouquet released in 2015, the song features vocals by American singer Elizabeth Mencel, also known as Rozes. The chill vibe the duo have created throughout their career is just elevated in this single, making it impossible for you to not groove to it when it is playing.

'#Selfie' (2014)

The song that catapulted the Chainsmokers to superstardom, this song details the duo's earlier days when they were still experimenting with their music. Unlike their current songs, '#Selfie' is much more upbeat and only features spoken word instead of typical lyrics. The song got even more popular because of the trend of selfies that was picking up rapidly that year. Talk about identifying and capitalising on trends!

'Don't Let Me Down' (2016)

The result of another collaboration, this time with American singer Daya, this song got the Chainsmokers a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. The song has now become a staple in nightclubs all over the world and was originally written for Rihanna, but she rejected it. No prizes for guessing who regrets that decision now!

'Something Just Like This' (2017)

No one thought it was possible, but it finally happened! The Chainsmokers did their biggest collaboration in their career till date with rock giants Coldplay to create 'Something Just Like This', which is a perfect combination of Chris Martin's vocals and the duo's mixing abilities. Seems like every fan wanted something just like this!

'Closer' (2016)

Probably their most popular song, 'Closer' also featured debut vocals by Chainsmokers member Andrew Taggart and guest vocals by Halsey. The song established them as serious competitors in the EDM scene, and this lyric video was the first of its kind to get a billion views on Youtube!

We're dying of anticipation after listening to these songs. Tell us your favorite Chainsmokers song and let's be calm because they are finally coming!

Published Date: Jun 20, 2017 04:50 pm | Updated Date: Jun 20, 2017 06:39 pm