Sunny Leone: Safe sex goddess

Rajyasree Sen

Aug,02 2012 13:01 57 IST

Sunny Leone loves desi dogs. Sunny Leone loves Arunoday Singh. And she now loves black grape condoms. Simply put, Sunny Leone’s been a busy girl. You can’t accuse her of lying back and resting on Laurel. Well, she does that too, but she also has her finger in many many other pies.

For those who still don’t know, Sunny’s an Indo-Canadian porn star who has been welcomed into India with open arms ever since she took part in the über-classy Bigg Boss season last year. The rest of us who remained determinedly ignorant of her charms had no hope of remaining the same after this past week. Sunny Leone is everywhere, like an overactive super-hero saving so many things: our immune system, Pooja Bhatt Films and indigenous stray animals of India. My mind boggles with the number of Sunny-related images and messages that greet me every time I open a newspaper, switch on the telly or log onto the internet.

There is a strong unifying message that runs through all her many activities – indoors and outdoors -- and it's a heartening one, indeed: safe sex.

Is Sunny Leone a safe-sex goddess? Getty Images.

The biggest news garnering her headlines is, of course, her film Jism 2 with the Bhatts. She gets typecast as a pornstar called Izna who is hired by sunken-eyed Arunoday Singh to capture/ dupe/ trick erstwhile Sush Sen-squeeze and budding thespian, Randeep Hooda.  The posters of a Turin shroud-covered -- but clearly naked -- Sunny have been plastered all over our morning newspapers. Lest we get too excited, we have been told it’s not Sunny’s magnificent curves we’re seeing, but starlet Natalia Kaur’s – who did an item number for Ram Gopal Varma’s Department. Bhatt supposedly shot the poster ages ago, before daddy cast a keen eye on Sunny Leone.

More important than the posters though is the Jism 2 trailer in which Sunny walks through palm-fronded grounds and makes out with her two paramours in the film, while looking all Greek goddessy. Through all this titillation, the Bhatt PR machinery keeps reminding us of the fact that Sunny is a responsible porn star. So while she might get hot and heavy with the boys, she did insist on seeing their medical certificates.  And as India Today was kind enough to inform us, she wanted to have only safe sex during the film shooting. After all, no one wants to come away from a film shoot with the clap or any other VD.

Good on her, I say.

Her other assignment of note is also a cinematic extravaganza: a condom ad for the innovatively named Manforce condoms.  And these are not just any condoms, but black grape flavoured ones. Once again, her discerning taste comes into play. What’s important to note, however, is that the message stays the same. Have sex, make the most of it, but keep it safe. In case you missed it, here’s the Cannes-worthy creation.

While we’re watching the tastefully made Manforce ad, on the right hand-side of the YouTube page is a poster with a picture of a pug, a Doberman and a golden retriever telling us to buy, sell or adopt a pet.  While this might be mere coincidence, its presence is a reminder of Sunny’s activism for a different kind of safe sex.

PETA in all its wisdom – after caging Gauhar and Nigaar Khan dressed as tigers and outfitting John Abraham in a skirt of salad leaves – has roped in Sunny to tell us why too much sex can be a bad thing -- at least for stray cats and dogs. That she was Penthouse’s Pet of the Year is expectedly highlighted by PETA’s site. The campaign showcases a demure looking Sunny wearing a “I love Desi Dogs” t-shirt as she promotes the sterilisation of dogs and cats. She also exhorts you to adopt from an animal shelter and give a home to homeless animals – not humans. And she explains why spaying and neutering keeps animals healthy and keeps down the homeless animal population.

Talk about using your virtues for the betterment of the universe. Human and animal alike. You gotta love Sunny. And her line -- albeit dubbed by Pooja Bhatt -- in Jism 2’s trailer takes on deep significance when you hear it in the context of her many artistic pursuits.

Mulk ki madat to mein pehle se hi kar rahi hoon. Kapde utaar ke (I’ve been working for the benefit of the nation from before. By shedding my clothes.)”, declares our Sunny.

Truer words have not been spoken.

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Published Date: Aug 02, 2012 13:01 PM | Updated Date: Aug 03, 2012 08:50 AM