Rakhi Sawant's Narendra Modi dress back in the news; Rajasthan lawyer files FIR

FP Staff

Nov,05 2016 11:05 01 IST

Rakhi Sawant’s repeated pleas of “not wasting time by creating controversies on her dress” have gone unheard.

A local advocate from Rajasthan has lodged an FIR against her for wearing an attire emblazoned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pictures. According to the Press Trust of India, the FIR has been lodged against her at the Kankroli police station for “allegedly indulging in obscenity and defaming the Prime Minister.”

Rakhi Sawant in the infamous Modi dress. Photo from Instagram

Rakhi Sawant in the infamous Modi dress. Photo from Instagram

Station Head Officer (SHO) Laxman Ram confirmed the news adding, “The complainant, Prajeet Tiwari, has alleged that Sawant insulted the Prime Minister by wearing a dress with pictures of him in August. The matter is being investigated.”

The FIR was registered under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and relevant sections of Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act.

Sawant was seen wearing a black dress emblazoned with Modi’s pictures in August at a function in the US. Tiny head shots of the Prime Minister were peppered all over her attire, along with a strategically placed picture of a waving Modi whose hand lands right on Sawant’s bust. It is reported that she had another picture of the Prime Minister placed on her butt. She appeared in this attire in a pre-Independence Day party in Chicago, USA.

A petition was filed in a Meerut court against the actress at the time.

In an exclusive telephonic interview with Firstpost from Chicago at the time, Sawant had clarified that she got her attire approved by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and wore it out of her love and admiration for Modi.

"I have got this dress made from all my heart and love for our dear prime minister. He is the best PM and I am representing him in the US,” said Sawant.

“I wore this dress so that I can impress BJP, especially Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah. I love them both. Rajnath [Singh] called me, he considers me as his daughter. I met him in Delhi and I will meet him again. I am already BJP’s daughter. I made this dress so that I can impress Modi ji. Modi ji is my dream man. I am most happy that he is our PM and he will remain one for next 15 years. Wherever I go I will wear this dress, and I will also make one sari with his image on it,” she added.

Sawant went on to say that she does not fear controversies over this issue as she got a prior approval from the ruling party.

“I had first sent this costume for approval and if Modi ji says that he never approved my dress, then he can put me behind bars, only he has the right to do so. Nobody else. I'm accountable only to Modi ji. I got it approved from him and his team and only then wore the dress. I respect Modi ji, I respect Amit Shah and all the BJP members. In the future, I want to join BJP and do lot of work. If they want me in their party, I will be with them," she said.

Sawant also asked the people to focus on more important issues like farmer suicides and rape of little girls. She urged them to not blow the incident out of proportion and focus on taking care of their families and duties instead.

It seems like Sawant’s voice has not been heard in certain quarters of Rajasthan, considering  Tiwari’s FIR has landed her in fresh trouble.

Published Date: Nov 05, 2016 11:05 AM | Updated Date: Nov 05, 2016 11:05 AM