Rajesh Khanna's family in tussle with girlfriend over Ashirwaad

FP Staff

Jul,20 2012 15:01 02 IST

Not even a day after Rajesh Khanna was given a heartwarming farewell, a controversy that has the potential of turning ugly, has reared its head in mainstream media. Reports have surfaced that Khanna's live-in partner of ten years, who had been sharing his bungalow Ashirwaad on Carter Road for the past decade, has served a notice to his family.

An MidDay report says the Anita Advani, who was reportedly Khanna's companion for the past eight years, has sent a notice which involves the Domestic Violence Act, to safeguard herself from being ousted from Khanna's Bandra residence. The notice, according to the report, was served to the family on Tuesday, hours before the actor passed away.

Anita Advani with Rajesh Khanna. Screen-grab from IBN Live.

The MidDay report says, "Section 19 of the Act bars the family from 'dispossessing or in any other manner disturbing the possession of the aggrieved person from the shared household, whether or not the respondent has a legal or equitable interest in the shared household'."

It is in common knowledge that Khanna's relationship with his estranged wife Dimple Kapadia and his family has always been a strained one. However, it is said that Akshay Kumar acted as a catalyst to bring them together in his last days.

Consequently, the family relationship with Advani had been an uneasy one, the bitterness in which, reportedly reached heights when Khanna's health started failing again.

Advani told MidDay, "He had started pushing me away. There were days where he didn't even want to speak to his own family. They began isolating me, and I had begun to feel lost. I sent that notice when I was annoyed without him, I had nowhere else to go. But I never thought I would actually lose him. The timing was really bad."

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Published Date: Jul 20, 2012 15:01 PM | Updated Date: Jul 20, 2012 15:23 PM