Purab Kholi talks about his baby daughter and discusses wedding plans

Purab Kohli, who is all set to play an army man in Nikkhil Advani's P.O.W.- Bandi Yuddh Ke and is a part the upcoming sequel Rock On 2; is a proud father of a baby girl named Inaya who is almost a year old.

When Inaya was born, the Rock On star wasn't married to his fiancée Lucy Payton, who is UK-based yoga teacher. Inaya is a love child and in India, having a child out of wedlock is frowned down upon.

Purab Kholi and Lucy Payton. Image courtesy: Twitter

Purab Kholi and Lucy Payton. Image courtesy: Twitter

In an exclusive with Indian Express, Kohli elaborated how his fiancée Lucy Payton and he didn't care much about if they were married or not, even though the societal pressure on them was mounting. He says, "My mother was the most concerned and my family did say you guys have to get married quickly when she was pregnant. But I was adamant about not doing it because I never wanted my baby to feel that we got into a relationship because she was coming. Her coming into this world has transformed both our lives for the better. She is our love child and has bloomed even more love between both of us and made me love life more.”

He also told the daily that he plans to get married to Lucy Payton in 2017 in London and how fatherhood has changed life for him, because he 'stopped living for yourself.' and is in love with the bond he shares with his daughter.

Published Date: Nov 04, 2016 06:27 pm | Updated Date: Nov 04, 2016 06:27 pm