Point Break review: This is the most boring year-opening film

Subhash K Jha

Jan,01 2016 12:13 57 IST

It’s truly the peak of irony. During a season when film exhibitors in India have shown exemplary cowardice by withholding new releases for fear of the mammoth triumvirate (Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale and Star Wars) comes this film about extreme, and idiotic, audacity.


A still from Point Break. Screen grab from Youtube.

Point Break opens up the vista for the daring who like to risk their life for a sliver of the sporty. It’s not the kind of life that accommodates caution discretion or austerity in its scheme of existence. Point Break could have been a penetrating study of derringdo. What impels people to out their lives for fun and thrills?

Rather than go into the logistics, Point Break merely becomes a mirror of the malaise, allowing the characters to plunge from one stunning stunt to another, and sometimes to just plunge to their death, without comment. This misguided film’s makers’ intellectual bankruptcy holds the stunts in good stead. But does nothing to boost our faith in the power of cinema to create an abiding affinity between visuals and emotions.

If these men feel anything beyond the thrill of the moment, then we don’t know about it.

We will never know why Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) does what he does. At the film’s start Johnny loses his friend to a motorbike stunt. Any sane sensible entity would stay away from extreme activities thereafter. Sanity and sensibleness being at a low premium and discretion at the lowers ebb in this rapidfire just-for-kicks circus-on-speed, the characters do what they have to .

Our hero Johnny is one moody maverick. One minute he is racing down ridges looking for sure death. The next minute he is recruited into the FBI to infiltrate a global crime syndicate which employs extreme sports to execute daring heists. If these are the sort of adventurous mercenaries that the FBI employs we are safe to presume the acronym is expandable to ‘Federal Bureau Of Idiocy’.

Crime clumsily meets sports in this remake of Kathleen Bigelow’s 1991 film, which even her parents must have forgotten. But cinematographer-turned-director Erricson Core (he shot the first film in the Fast & Furious franchise) resolves to honour a film that is hardly honourable.

Do yourself a favour this New Year. Pop yourself a bowl of popcorn at home and curl up with a dvd of Bigelow’s version of Point Break. Compared with Luka Bracey and Edgar Ramarez who play the two main roles, their counterparts Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swyaze in the original were Al Pacino and Marlon Brando .

Remember we felt kindly towards K Raghvendra Rao’s original Himmatwala after watching Sajid Khan’s remake? The same emotions surge through us after watching this revved-up remake of Kathreen Bigelow’s film.

Stay away from Point Break. It is more injurious to health than any of the variety of extreme sports that the film’s protagonists so foolishly indulge in. Warning: please don’t try to make sense of the plot.It could be injurious to your health.