New Bigg Boss set will make inmates feel at home: Designer


Oct,07 2012 16:07 35 IST

National Award winning art director Sabu Cyril who has designed the Bigg Boss house for its upcoming sixth season has promised that it will give inmates a 'home like' experience.

Featuring amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, green passage and hand pump, the house erected in Lonavala will give inmates, who will be locked there for 98 days, sufficient space to vent and cool off. Last season the house was built in Karjat.

"The house has always looked like a set. I wanted it to be more real. There were too many colours in the earlier house. So I didn't want that to happen this time as well," Cyril, who has associated himself with "Bigg Boss" for the first time, told reporters.

Bigg Boss premier: PTI

Stretched over an expanse of 15,000 square feet, the house features grey overtones with intermittent patches of red. It has two large unisex bedrooms and one captain's room with an attached bathroom.

Transparent walls, just like in the previous season, separate the rooms.

The garden area is one of the most important places of the house - it has a small pool with four white chairs placed next to it. There are also more seating arrangements in the garden.

Interestingly, this time statues of three monkeys - denoting the famous preaching - speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil by Mahatma Gandhi - are placed in the garden area. Inmates are known for gossiping, fighting and bitching extensively inside the house.

There is a common washroom in the corner of the garden with four stalls, two toilets and two bathrooms. The washroom is elegant with hardly any colour in it.

The main door to the house opens up to a passage unlike before, where it would open up directly into the living area. The living area is huge with an open kitchen and an integrated dining area.

In the living area, a wall has calligraphy on it, which reads: 'Illusion is the first of all pleasure'. This has been done for the first time.

Packed with silver padding all over the room, and a huge 'Batman seat' right in the centre, the confession room looks class apart.

Cyril said: "The confession room is the holy shrine of Bigg Boss and we have tried to make it very sci-fi. It is very futuristic."

Seventy cameras will capture contestants' activities, an increase from last seasons 55.

Making the house had been an arduous task.

"It took me around 35-40 days to make this place. It was a challenge for me, as I have not worked on such a project before. I have tried to make the place look more modern than futuristic. It has an international look now," said Cyril who has won National Awards for his work as art director in Om Shanti Om, "Kaala Pani" and "Thenmavin Kombathu".