Manalo Okkadu review round-up: RP Patnaik gets full marks for effort, but not execution

FP Staff

Nov,05 2016 11:26 11 IST

Telugu film Manalo Okkadu is a sneak peek into the underbelly of the media world and exposes its viewers to the evils that plague the industry including the inflated egos of the media barons and its nexus with politicians and the underworld.

A still from the film

A still from the film

It stars Anita Hassanandani and RP Patnaik in the lead roles. Patnaik plays Krishnamurthy, a chemistry lecturer who lives a stable life until he puts his foot down against an inaccurate report that levels charges of molestation on him.

The rest of the plot revolves around the struggle of him and his wife, played by Hassanandani, as they deal with threats from politicians, criminals and the big shots of the media industry. Patnaik has also directed the film. It is his sixth outing after he turned a director from a music composer.

The film has opened to average reviews as a consensus suggests that though it is a powerful take on the widespread corruption prevalent in the mainstream media, its screenplay and loose editing in the second half do the otherwise well-crafted film a huge disfavor.

Vikram Guru of Chitramala gives the film a rating of 2.5 stars and says, “This may be a bold attempt from RP Patnaik but it is not up to the level where it qualifies as a movie which connects well with the audience. Over dramatisation of the scenes is the spoiler of the movie.” reviews the film and says, “A very interesting first half and intriguing set up are basic assets of this film. But the film falters completely during the second part as the serious issue is diluted by some inexperienced narration. If you are okay with the lack of entertainment and are game to watch a film with some message, you can easily attempt this film this weekend.” gives the film 2.25/5 stars and says, “He (Patnaik) took few problems in the society and tried to put them in the movie but lost his focus on narrating it in an engaging way.  Too many characters spoil the taste and mood of the movie.”

Published Date: Nov 05, 2016 11:26 AM | Updated Date: Nov 05, 2016 11:26 AM