Kapil Sibal to recite his poems in a Bollywood film

New Delhi: Two poems by Union minister Kapil Sibal will feature in upcoming Hindi film "Dilli Gang" which is based on murders of senior citizens in Delhi.

The 65-year-old law minister will recite the poems in the beginning and at the end of director Ashish Tyagi's debut film.

Sibal, who has brought out a collection of his poems in the book 'My World Within', said he was attracted to the film's subject which highlights the problems faced by senior citizens.



"This is such an issue which needs to be discussed in our society. Our nation is under the blanket of violence and elderly people, women and children are the victims of it.

Through 'Dilli Gang' we are bringing the safety of senior citizen in the limelight," he said during the music launch of the film here.

The film stars Darshan Jariwala, Asrani, Neena Kulkarni Yashpal Sharma, Asif Bhasra and Amir Dalvi in prominent roles.

Sibal wanted to be a part of the film because he thinks movies are the strongest medium to spread a message.

"If somebody wants to express his feelings and responsibilities towards society then I think Bollywood is the strongest medium," he said.

He was approached to write for the film couple of weeks ago and Sibal agreed to pen poems for the film because he found the script fascinating.

"When the team approached me with the offer, I could not say no to them because the issue is very close to my heart. I agreed to write poems. Being a father of a son, I understand what parents feel when the child doesn't care about their emotions," he said.

Asked if the existing laws towards the safety of senior citizens need to be amended, he said, "Until and unless we don't change our thought process and mentality, no law will be able to bring change in the society. If we want to make our society safe, the psyche of men needs to change."

Sibal said his poems will be part of many other Bollywood projects but refused to divulge details.


Published Date: Aug 31, 2013 05:56 pm | Updated Date: Aug 31, 2013 05:56 pm

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