Jiah Khan's former stylist found dead in a well


Sep,11 2013 10:34 55 IST

Anil Cherian, a 43-year-old Bollywood stylist and designer, was found dead in a well near Gorai beach in suburban Mumbai on Monday. Cherian, who had  been working on a film called Bold Bollywood, had gone out partying with a colleague on Saturday. When he didn't return to his house on Juhu Tara Road late next day, his wife Shivani lodged a missing person's complaint. Cherian's body was fished out of the well in the Gorai resort where the party had been held.

Anil Cherian. Image courtesy: Facebook profile.

Anil Cherian. Image courtesy: Facebook profile.

According to Times of India, Cherian had called up his employee, 19-year-old Minal Gupta on Sunday evening, asking her if he could join her at the party in Gorai. Gupta had started working with Cherian three months back. Cherian reached the venue, reportedly had four to five pegs of alcohol and wandered out with his phone. TOI reports:

"The group had procured alcohol and Anil had four to five pegs. At 3.30am, he took his cellphone and walked out of the room probably to go to the washroom. When he did not return, the others assumed he had left for home."

Though initial reports suggest that Cherian's death was accidental, there are some loose ends that the police want to probe. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the well was just 50 feet away from the bungalow where the group was partying. Apart from Cherian there were two girls and eight men at the party. Police have questioned how nobody heard him fall.  However, his companions said they had no inkling that he had gone missing. Mirror adds:

First, when the body was fished out, they saw a 3 ft long rope attached to Anil's right hand. They said it is probable that the rope was already in the well before Anil landed there and that his hand got entangled in the rope while he struggled in the water, but it is still a matter to be probed. Secondly, none of his colleagues or friends tried to stop him from going home at that hour of the night, knowing that he was completely drunk and could not drive back. 

Cherian was the stylist for late Jiah Khan and used to work with Shekhar Suman too.