Hare Krishna Hare Ram: New song from Commando 2 rides heavily on Akshay Kumar's original

The new song of Deven Bhojani's action film Commando 2, titled 'Hare Krishna Hare Ram', is a far cry from the extremely gripping song that it is inspired from, Akshay Kumar's song from Priyadarshan's 2007 psychological thriller Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

Adah Sharma and Vidyut Jammwal in a still from Hare Krishna Hare Ram. YouTube

Adah Sharma and Vidyut Jammwal in a still from Hare Krishna Hare Ram. YouTube

While the lead star of Commando 2, Vidyut Jamawal, may dub this as his tribute to the action icon in Kumar, it is quite clear that the new song is just another one of those loosely inspired remixes that just bank on the popularity of the original hook line rather than presenting it in a contextual light.

Let's get the positives aside first. The art direction seems to be simple yet spot on with gold and black complementing each other in every frame of the song, particularly the beginning in which golden chains are seen dangling from the ceiling of an otherwise black set. Even the costumes of all the actors have been kept in tune with this combination.

Jammwal impresses with his swift moves though we prefer to watch him dish out some blows rather than these rather orchestrated dance steps. Esha Gupta looks stunning as her hazel brown hair complement her look. Adah Sharma, for some strange reason, looks dissatisfied though she is known for her screen presence and emotive face.

The choreography is good but not brilliant as the dance directors conveniently pick up the few steps that Kumar's song boasted of. The music by Gourav-Roshin might make this one a chart-buster but that is only because it is riding on the success of the original. It will gradually lose its recall value as it has momentary gratification written all over it. Even the brilliant vocals of Armaan Malik will be unable to save this one from going down the drain.

The revised lyrics by Kumaar add little depth or newness to the song which largely remains a rather convenient tool to grab eyeballs (or eardrums, in this case) so that the film gains traction towards its release. It is not just promotional, but a bad promotion at that.

Commando 2 is produced by Vipul Shah among others and is slated to release on 3 March. Read the review of the trailer here.

Published Date: Feb 03, 2017 05:46 pm | Updated Date: Feb 03, 2017 05:51 pm

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