Google Khoj or Talaash: Publicity, Aamir Khan style

FP Staff

Nov,26 2012 17:18 41 IST

No one can hold Aamir Khan guilty of twiddling his thumbs or blissfully watching cricket, as one of his films languishes for attention a week before its release. Any project Khan lends his name to is as much about its pre-release buzz as it is about how big its box office success maybe.

The last time Aamir Khan went all guns blazing promoting a film, theatres across the country were flooded with candy-coloured plastic bums for seats. You might even debate whether it was as spectacular as employees in multiplexes shaving their heads to do a Ghajini in 2008. You might argue over your favourite Aamir Khan publicity campaign, but you unanimously agree that they are the most spectacular ones you have come across.

A Talaash poster. Image courtesy: Facebook page.

Talaash has 'blockbuster' written all over it, right from its opening credits - from Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor to Rani Mukherjee and Ritesh Sidhwani. However, the promotion for the film, arguably, has been spectacularly luke-warm. No cool memorabilia flooding theatres, no stunning brand tie-ups, Talaash doesn't even sound like an Aamir Khan film.

And then you read this. That Aamir Khan might be in talks with Google to change its name from Google Khoj in Hindi to Google Talaash!

A DNA report claims that the actor might be in talks with Google officials to pull off what could be the biggest publicity coup one has seen in Bollywood in a long time! If Khan does manage to seal this one deal, he would have upped the ante of Bollywood promotions by several notches.

Subhas K Jha in a Times of India report observes, "We now learn that the master-strategist Aamir Khan has chalked out a deliberate plan with producer Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar to let 'Talaash' be the most under-hyped film of the closing months in 2012."

The same report quotes director Reema Kagti as saying:

We are sandwiched between Jab tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardaar on one Friday and Khiladi 786 on the next Friday. All these three are big extravagantly-hyped films.We had two choices. Either we made ourselves heard louder than these biggies, which was impossible. Or we spoke in a much quieter tone than our competition.We've chosen the latter option, also because we can't speak too much about the film without giving away the suspense

However, one can't really hold Aamir Khan guilty of not publicising his film. Not when, the apparent lack of publicity has the media devoting front page spaces to question and debate the same, giving Talaash the visibility it probably requires.

Not one to sit back on his laurels, it's easy to see why Khan didn't take the predictable leap into the publicity bandwagon. Not a film that can tom tom its songs or designer wardrobe for live promotional events, Khan probably chose the back-road to getting attention. Keeping quiet about his film, except for a handful of interviews and one music event, Khan let the media come to him, instead of going all out to grab media eye balls himself. Understandably, as the media went berserk trying to 'break' their own Talaash stories, Khan's film made all the right noises, just, not by itself.

So, as we speculate if Google's going to yield to Khan's charms, searching for YouTube videos of its trailers and songs, Talaash will be on its way to the screens. And publicity or not, we would have booked tickets for the film anyway!


Published Date: Nov 26, 2012 17:18 PM | Updated Date: Nov 26, 2012 17:23 PM