First Lady: Tisca Chopra, Meghna Pant talk plastic surgery, Bollywood's casting couch

FP Staff

Dec,02 2016 13:50 16 IST

This time on First Lady, host Meghna Pant interviews Tisca Chopra, whose short film Chutney co-starring Adil Hussain and Rasika Dugal has just released online.

Watch the video of their very fun chat here.

Chopra, best known for Taare Zameen Par, dispels popular myths about Bollywood and misconceptions people have about her because of the serious roles she has taken on.

She says, "People think I am this really serious, sombre person because of the roles I have taken on. But my friends know that the opposite is true. I have a very hard time keeping a straight face, there is a commentary going on in my head when most things are happening."

"When Taare Zameen Par came out, people found it hard to believe that I didn't have a child," she says.

True to her word, the actor has an amusing take on everything: from plastic surgery to how people are connected in Bollywood.

She says she is amazed at how outsiders assume everyone in Bollywood knows everyone. "People assume the whole industry has wire ducts to each other, that the whole industry is connected through a whatsapp group, but that's not true."

When our host asks her how far do actors go in order to look good, "Very far," replies Chopra, adding: "America, Vienna. But I say that there are many great plastic surgeons in India. Give Doctor Chawla in Karol Baag a chance. "

Does Bollywood objectify women? Is that an unfair allegation?

"It's not entirely unfair. I would say the film industry also emerges as the social construct of the place it is in. It is coming out of what is prevalent. India is largely patriarchal: there are skewed values, not enough education. So the films are also subject to what's happening." says Chopra. "On the other hand there are films like Queen, where the woman is so amazingly alive and emancipated. That's also happening."

She also has her take on the infamous casting couch of Bollywood: She says, "I don't think anyone casts anyone because they have slept with them. No one will cast someone, take a decision involving crores on something that is available for so less."

Published Date: Dec 02, 2016 13:50 PM | Updated Date: May 26, 2017 13:07 PM