Dev Patel-Frieda Pinto split: The Slumdog Millionaire couple calls it quits after six years

FP Staff

Dec,11 2014 14:50 44 IST

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel are parting ways, if reports are to be believed. The two have been together for six years and have made their Hollywood debut with Danny Boyle's film, Slumdog Millionaire. While the pair have spoken very lovingly about each other in previous interviews, if reports are to be trusted, it has been a while that the couple has separated.

In October this year, Freida Pinto, celebrated her 30th birthday. However, unlike other years, Dev Patel wasn't a part of the celebrations. In fact, the actress was spotted outside a strip club in Los Angeles with Siddharth Mallya, which immediately led media to speculate that the actress has broken up with Patel and is currently dating Mallya.

Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

While Pinto did clarify that she isn't dating Mallya and is, in fact, still in a steady relationship with Patel, speculations have not stopped since then about Patel and Pinto parting ways.

Us Weekly quoted a source saying, "Dev and Freida have broken up..They have been done for a while." Apparently, Pinto is all set to go out with other people and her friends are setting her up on dates, according to another source.

In 2008, Patel had claimed that Pinto is his 'soul mate', much before he actually started dating her. The two met on the sets of Slumdog Millionaire and have been inseparable since then. During this year's Koffee With Karan, Pinto spoke about her relationship with Patel and what made her fall for him. "It's that English accent he has and he is so funny and he is well beyond his age in terms of maturity.. he is an old soul." she said.

Before dating Patel, Pinto was engaged to her then publicist Rohan Antao. Patel was all of 17-years-old when he and Pinto started going out so her mother wasn't very happy about her relationship with The Newsroom actor. However, eventually, she came round.

Pinto had in previous occasions said that Patel is a very supportive boyfriend and it was he who pushed her into doing Bruno Mars' Gorilla video.

Reportedly, Pinto too has also been a very supportive girlfriend. The actor told The Belfast Telegraph that Pinto is the number one fan of his The Newsroom's role.

"She's up every Sunday watching it. She's really supportive," Dev told The Belfast Telegraph.