Compromise reached, will cut scenes from Vishwaroopam: Hassan

FP Staff

Jan,30 2013 17:07 59 IST

After groups continued to protest the release of Vishwaroopam and the Tamil Nadu government appealed against the high court verdict allowing its release, actor Kamal Hassan said he was willing to cut out scenes and words from the films that had been found objectionable.

After an impassioned speech in the morning where he said he may be forced to leave the country, the actor later said he was willing to edit his film further to cut out objectionable portions.

Hassan has said he was willing to edit the film further. PTI

Hassan has said he was willing to edit the film further. PTI

Hassan said he had reached a compromise with his "Muslim brothers", and that there was no further conflict between them.

"The matter has been amicably solved", he said.

"They have given me a list of scenes and a list of words that they want removed and I have agreed to do this. I do not want this film to be misunderstood as being anti-Indian Muslim. It is in praise of Indian Muslims", he said.

Hassan added that he was extremely disturbed by reports of protests and violence coming in from across the state and said it was the responsibility of the state and the police to make sure that citizens were protected.

However, the high court upheld the stay on the release of the film and set the next date of the hearing for 4 February. The film's release has been stayed till 6 February by the high court.

The actor is reportedly set to approach the Supreme Court against the high court's verdict.

Published Date: Jan 30, 2013 17:07 PM | Updated Date: Jan 30, 2013 17:08 PM