Boman Irani​ gets nostalgic about 12 years in Bollywood on The Firstpost Show

Whether it's Bollywood or theatre, commercially successful roles or critically acclaimed ones, Boman Irani has seen it all. And the comedy legend is quite humble about his 12 year long fruitful career in the Indian film industry.

When it comes to image consciousness among the younger blood in the industry, Irani isn't afraid to look silly. He reminisces about his hilarious ballet routine in the movie Happy New Year to reiterate that celebrities shouldn't hesitate to look silly for the fans.

In a time of 'airport looks' and intense gyming sessions and airport looks, Irani believes that time spent in rehearsing, reading about acting and attending theatre and drama school is much more important.

From Neerja's societal impact to Khosla ka Ghosla's memorable stint at Cannes, Irani opens up about the commercially viable vs the intellectually arousing films from his career.

Find out more about what Boman Irani​ has to say about the indutry on this week's episode of The Firstpost Show.