Bigg Boss update: What's brewing between Tanisha, Armaan Kohli?

FP Staff

Oct,09 2013 20:26 24 IST

A few days after Gauhar Khan and Kushal established themselves as the 'it' couple of the Bigg Boss house, it seems a new romance is brewing between Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee.

People do a lot of things for love but a few has done what Armaan did for Tanisha. He volunteered to sit in a huge cage for indefinite hours so that Tanisha gets to keep her bed and doesn't have to sleep on the floor. While Armaan was inside the cage, it was Tanisha's job to keep an eye on him. During the night,  Armaan told Tanisha that he has volunteered for the task just for the sake of Tanisha and no one else.

Courtesy: Colors

Courtesy: Colors

However, after sitting for twelve hours,  Armaan lost his cool, and started threatening Bigg Boss. Armaan told Bigg Boss that if he doesn't declare the the task to be over in next five minutes, he will not wear the microphone anymore.

Bigg Boss didn't pay heed to Armaan's threats. But it was Tanisha who opened the cage and urged him to go to bed. Armaan threw away his microphone in anger and went inside to get some sleep, while Tanisha, pained after seeing Armaan suffer throughout the night, was caught on camera complaining about how unfair it is for Bigg Boss to make someone sit for twelve long hours inside a cage, especially when he isn't in good health.

Let's see what Bigg Boss has to say about that.

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