Bigg Boss Telugu week 5 update: As Mumaith Khan is eliminated, Jr NTR introduces a new twist

Mridula Ramadugu

Aug,21 2017 18:26:47 IST

One hell of a luxury budget task later, it was time for some weekend fun and frolic in Bigg Boss Telugu, but with a twist.

Jr NTR once again engaged with tasks and a laugh riot, but also surprised us with Sunday's elimination. Last week saw Dhanraj, Archana, Mumaith and Hari Teja in the eliminations. While Mumaith was finally evicted, there is more to the story.

Jr NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu. Image from Facebook

Jr NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu. Image from Facebook

While Dhanraj and Archana were nominated, Mumaith and Hari Teja had volunteered to risk elimination. Here's how dynamics of the Bigg Boss Telugu house changed after that:

The great egg challenge

Two teams fought to save their eggs, and in the process, the house had too much drama and action for the first time ever.

Last week's luxury budget task had Navdeep and Mumaith battling it out with their team mates. While Navdeep won the task with the help of his teammates Diksha, Shiv Balaji and others, for Mumaith, the task turned out to be quite heavy on emotion.

Mumaith Khan in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. Image from Twitter

Mumaith Khan in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. Image from Twitter

The actress was disappointed with the housemates for playing the game and not thinking about the eliminations and relationships. This was also the first time that Dhanraj and Mumaith battled it out. The duo, known for their bonding since Day One, were now in a tiff due to the luxury budget task.

Mumaith eliminated, or not?

This Sunday came as a shock for everyone, as Mumaith was declared the eliminated contestant. When she came out and dropped the bomb on her teammates and teared up because she would have to leave behind her housemates and tons of memories, Jr NTR took her by surprise. The actress was not leaving the house yet; she was sent to a secret room for the time being.

It is said that Bigg Boss is giving her another chance to survive in the house, as she had nominated herself for eliminations and it wasn't a 'fair' nomination. The housemates were obviously unaware of this, and had begun getting used to life without 'Mumu'.

The contestants with Mumaith Khan. Image from Twitter

The contestants with Mumaith Khan. Image from Twitter

Just as the Bigg Boss Telugu audience was dumbstruck by Mumaith's departure, the secret room twist lifted the hopes of many, considering that the actress has been one of this season's favorite contestants. When will she get back to the house, and will there be another wild card entry? Like Jr NTR always says, the Bigg Boss house is full of surprises. So, we'll need to wait and watch.

Published Date: Aug 21, 2017 18:26 PM | Updated Date: Aug 22, 2017 10:37 AM