Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Sshivani Durga: 'I feel like I'm out of a luxury prison'

Seema Sinha

Oct,16 2017 09:39:21 IST

After Zubair Khan and Priyank Sharma, self-styled godwoman, Sshivani Durga was shown the exit door from Bigg Boss 11 after she had spent just about a fortnight in the house.

Sshivani said that she participated in the show with the motive to resurrect the image of Godmen, that was 'ruined' by Swami Om’s run on the show in the last season. “I went to the Bigg Boss house to spread the message that all the misconceptions and myths about sadhustantriks and aghoris should be removed. People are scared of tantriks and I wanted to project their positive side through this platform. I wanted to convey that sadhus are educated people but my journey was very short and hence I couldn’t complete my mission. It was difficult for me to change and cleanse our image in such a short time,” lamented Sshivani in an interview with Firstpost.

Sshivani Durga. YouTube

Sshivani Durga. YouTube

When Sshivani entered the house, people initially compared her to Swami Om and thought that she would create havoc inside the house just like the self-proclaimed godman did. One remembers that incident right at the beginning of this season when she stared at Shilpa Shinde, while the latter was sleeping after a fight with Vikas Gupta. While some contestants laughed at it, others were scared for they thought she was using some supernatural powers and they kept discussing the same for a long time. “Actually it was Shilpa who started staring at me first after fighting with Vikas even as I was trying to patch them up. I was just giving it back to her by staring at her but people felt that I was using my supernatural powers,” she clarified, laughing out loud.

Sshivani said that she knew she would be eliminated once she got nominated last week for a simple reason that she was neither an entertainer and nor did she have any fan following. “My vote bank is weak. Also, one has to be visible all the time while in the house which didn’t happen in my case. I kept myself busy in the kitchen in the first week and I spent my time observing everyone,” said Sshivani, furthering, “But it is alright. I feel as if I am out of a luxury prison. It was an amazing experience. I got lot of love and respect from the housemates. Sapna gave me her medal that she won during a task with Arshi. I tried to create harmony inside the house. Every time I tried to pacify them when they had fights. They were like my children and I had no problem with anybody except on the last day when I had a mild fracas with Jyoti. She was laughing and enjoying when Vikas and Hina, and Arshi and Hina were having fights. I told her that it can happen with her too. But she shot back at me saying it can happen with me as well which I didn’t like.  But I will be happy if Jyoti wins because participating in Bigg Boss could be a life changing experience for her whereas most other contestants are already celebrities and are famous,” she said.

Sshivani definitely holds strong opinions about the contestants and does not mince words. While predicting Hiten, Arshi and Hina as the possible winners (in that order), she said, “Vikas is actually quite wild and foul tempered but he pretends to be sweet. Arshi has come with a purpose and therefore she is an attention seeker."

Talking about Vikas and Shilpa’s battle which ended recently, Sshivani said, “Shilpa was in the wrong. She was provoking and harassing him all the time. Had someone done that to me, I would have had a breakdown."  “But,” she continued, “Everything happening inside the house is situational. There is absolutely no gadget inside and hence fights, misunderstandings and patch ups are obvious. There is no entertainment and for how long would they sing 'Bang Bang!'."

Sshivani felt that Hina, supposedly one of the strong contenders, was lost and confused, whereas Hiten was natural. “Hina just did another reality show (Khatron Ke Khiladi) and she is taking time to adjust. She has been fighting with people, losing her cool already, at the start of the season. But maybe soon she will be able to handle as she is a balanced person. She will have to control or else she will lose her image,” said Sshivani, who names Vikas and Arshi as the real players.

Published Date: Oct 16, 2017 09:39 AM | Updated Date: Oct 16, 2017 09:39 AM