Before Talaash: Going down the suspense-thriller lane


Nov,30 2012 12:40 21 IST

It hasn't even been a day since Aamir Khan's Talaash has hit the screens and already critics are raving about it.

All the comparisons that were doing rounds claiming to 'expose' the movie's plot or drew similarities to Shutter Island et al, have been proven wrong by movie reviewers, who however are saying little else about the plot. Even a bit, they say will be a bit too much! The unanimous verdict however seems, that it is worth a watch.

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Talaash belongs to a genre that has not been experimented with much by the romance crazy-action craving Bollywood industry and Indian audience. Infact, very few directors have ventured into the genre of the suspense thriller and fewer still have tasted success.

It is indeed very difficult for a filmmaker to make the audience transcend the realms of logic and play with their emotions, to  make them anxiously wait and anticipate something  and then surprise them with something completely unexpected is sophisticated craft. And it requires a very clever script with extremely able actors to pull it off.

Every once in a while however, Bollywood has produced a thriller that has enthralled audiences and given them a nail-bitting, edge-of-the-seat experience. Here is a pick of ten films that have been by far the best films in this genre, tell us, in our comment section,  if Talaash will make it to this list.

Bees Saal Baad: A cult film of the suspense thriller genre, it was a 'super hit' in the 1960s featuring Biswajeet, Waheeda Rehman and Madan Puri. The haunting melodies composed by Hemant Kumar added to the mysterious plot, with the song  'Kahi Deep Jale, Kahi Dil' sung by Lata Mangeskar becoming extremely popular.



Woh Kaun Thi : The film starring Manoj Kumar and Sadhana is an intriguing story of a man who on his wedding night finds out that he has married a woman who uncannily resembles a mysterious ghost-lady, whom he had encountered one stormy night. As the story unfolds and finally reaches the climax the mystery of their resemblance is  revealed.



Gumnaam: An immortal classic directed by Raja Nawathe, is a story of a group of people who mysteriously win a vacation but on their way to the vacation they are marooned on a deserted island. The island appears haunted by a female ghost and one by one they start getting killed.


Mera Saaya: A 1966 movie starring Sunil Dutt and Sadhana. Sunil Dutt plays the role of a lawyer whose wife dies in his arms. Yet, another woman who looks exactly like his wife and is accused of aiding a gang of bandits - claims to be his  wife. A courtroom drama unfolds.


Jewel Thief : Jewel Thief stars the evergreen Dev Anand. He plays the character of an ordinary young man who finds himself constantly being mistaken for a look-alike jewel thief named Amar. Vyjayanthimala and Tanuja plays the female leads in the film.


Khamosh : Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and starring Amol Palekar, Shabana Azmi, Ajit Vachani and Soni Razdan the film is about mysterious murders that take place in a film shooting location. If anyone from the crew is guilty or is it someone from the outside, keeps the audiences guessing. The film has no song dance sequence.

100 Days: Starring Madhuri Dixit and directed by Partho Ghosh, the film is about a clairvoyant woman who has a vision of the murder of her sister and sets out to uncover the truth before the killer finds her.

Khiladi: This is the movie that earned Akshay the 'Khiladi' tag and established Abbas-Mustan as directors in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar, Deepak Tijori and Ayesha Jhulka are college goers who while faking a kidnapping  gets into trouble as the one whom they 'fake kidnap' is murdered.


Gupt - The Hidden Truth : Directed by Rajiv Rai and starring Bobby Deol, Manisha Koirala and Kajol, the film takes you through a series of murder, with police hunting for Bobby Deol, thinking he is the actual murderer but the truth is far from it.

Kahaani: Sujoy Ghosh's 'Kahaani' is the story of a helpless pregnant woman Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Balan)who while looking for her husband seemingly becomes a pawn for the police who are trying to track down a terrorist, but in the end the entire story changes.