Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on dealing with motherhood and weight gain

Once an actor, always an actor, says Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The actress has been on a break ever since her bundle of joy, daughter Aaradhya Bachchan arrived over a year back, but not even for a day has the mainstream media forgotten her, nor has she shied away from shutterbugs. In the past two years, we have seen a pregnant Aish, an overweight Aish, an over-protective mommy Aish but she has been there hogging as much tabloid attention as Kareena Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra, despite the fact that her last release was Guzaarish, in 2011.

The only thing that was guarded and very cautiously kept away from the prying lens of the paparazzis was, her daughter, Aaradhya, who in turn generated extreme curiosity among fans and media alike. The little girl, however finally made her paparazzi debut at a French award ceremony where her mother was conferred with a civilian honour given by the government of France.

Now, after a year of being a doting mother to baby Aaradhya, Aishwarya Rai talks to Anupama Chopra about embracing motherhood,  her balancing act so far, her post pregnancy weight gain and her work choices during an interview on Star World. Here is what the star had to say.

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Motherhood and work: Calling motherhood a blessing, Aishwaya hopes that it will have a positive impact on her craft. The more experienced people are in real life the better their crafts get. Motherhood being such a fulfilling and blissful experience will not only reflect in her being and in her approach towards life but also in her work, says the actress.

How the balancing act is done: The act of balancing is obviously not effortless, in fact, the act requires tremendous amount of effort. But the beauty of it is to make it appear effortless, because the moment one starts feeling the pressure, he/she does not enjoy the act anymore, says the actress.

Revealing the true self: While her post pregnancy weight gain attracted a lot of flak and media criticism, the actress was not afraid to step out in the limelight. This is the choice that she made, says Aishwarya. If she wanted she could have stayed away from the media until she went back to her original size, but the actress says that she wanted people to see her for what she is.

Glad to be missed: Motherhood has indeed been keeping her busy, so much so that she hadn't realised that two years have passed by, especially because she was mostly working through her pregnancy. Aishwarya says that she feels glad that people ask her about her work and wants to work with her. It makes her feel missed.

Read the full transcript of the interview in The Wall Street Journalhere

Published Date: Jan 04, 2013 05:50 pm | Updated Date: Jan 04, 2013 06:04 pm

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