Actress alleges Jolly LLB director molested her, tapes confrontation

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Feb,20 2014 12:40 47 IST

On 9th February, actress Geetika Tyagi linked to a Buzzfeed post celebrating survivors of sexual assault. Aurangzeb-director Atul Sabharwal responded with

On 17 February, Tyagi tweeted out the link to a video in which she accuses director Subhash Kapoor of forcing himself upon her one and a half years ago. The video appears to be hidden camera footage of a meeting between Kapoor, his wife Dimple Kharbanda and Tyagi, with Sabharwal as mediator.

Over 31 minutes, Kharbanda pleads to keep the matter private because she doesn't want their son to suffer because of Kapoor's behaviour with Tyagi. Kapoor seems to admit that he had some sort of sexual encounter with Tyagi, but seems to stop short of accepting the blame for forcing himself upon her. At this point, Tyagi, who uploaded the video, is heard crying hysterically. She then comes into the frame to slap Kapoor. She later tells Kharbanda that she feels that the slap will help her heal.

Subhash Kapoor. Image courtesy Youtube

Subhash Kapoor. Image courtesy Youtube


There is no date given for this meeting. In the video's description, Tyagi has written the following:

My intentions for uploading this video are:

a) to caution those girls who will come in contact with this man, Subhash Kapoor, socially or professionally and will make the mistake of looking up to him as father-figure or as an elder brother and trust him and

b) for all girls who, if god forbid become victims of sexual assault, not to give in to pleading of their attacker's wife, sister, mother, daughter or any woman who claims to be suffering and asks for your forgiveness for attacker. ...

It is not easy to upload this. Like that sexual assault this too is invasion of my privacy that I am compelled to compromise by my own conscious to expose what Subash Kapoor did to me. A woman suffers in both the scenarios, when she stays quiet and when she speaks up.

I hope this fate does not befall on any woman anywhere.

Since its upload yesterday, the video has been circulated on social media with many expressing shock at Kapoor's actions.

However, not everyone is convinced. While it is clear from the video that Kapoor and Tyagi had some sort of sexual encounter, the matter of Tyagi's consent isn't as transparent.

Tyagi says that Kapoor dragged her by her hand to a bedroom, but she also says that when she told him to stop, he did. Tyagi also accuses Kapoor of recounting different "versions" of the incident to one Danish. Within hours of the video being uploaded, this Facebook update was posted by Danish Raza, who isn't convinced by Tyagi's on-camera accusations:

As the first hand witness to the the evening on which Geetika Tyagi has based her allegations of molestation on Subhash Kapoor, both mutual friends introduced by me, and having been there with them 90% of the time that night, I need to put some facts on record.

1. Geetika's first narration to me of this incident, the day after it happened was not of sexual assault. To me it clearly sounded like something that happened between two people and there was no mention of an assault. Her first version was exactly same as Subhash's (consistent) version and her version changed only two days later when she alleged, in the presence of Atul Sabharwal, that 'force' was used. Even in that case she says Subhash stopped when she said 'stop" so where is molestation in it?

2. At 5 am, which must have been in the middle of the incident when she messaged me asking if I have reached home, and I called her back in response immediately, she very coolly told me " Subhash has woken up and he is leaving". there was no mention of the incident, forget force or molestation.

...And why am I doing this? Well for the same reason that I told her "Had you even hinted of molestation, at 5 a.m. in the morning I would have been the 1st person to go with you to the police station"

Tyagi has not been contactable by phone since last night and Kapoor has declined to comment. According to the Mumbai Mirror, Kapoor was shocked because he had no idea that meeting had been videotaped and he was planning to consult his lawyer.

Watch the video below: