Four Class 11 students detained for sexually assaulting classmate

Mar 18, 2013

New Delhi:  Four juveniles were detained in New Delhi for sexually assaulting a girl who studies with them in Class 11, police said on Monday.

The four juveniles, aged between 16 and 17, were booked for sexually assaulting the 16-year-old girl in north Delhi's Bawana area on 13 March.

Young students protest atrocities against women. Reuters

Young students protest atrocities against women. Reuters

"A case regarding the incident was registered on 16 March. All the minor accused were sent to juvenile justice home on Sunday," said a police officer.

The officer said that one of the juveniles had attempted the sexual assault while the other three were present on the spot.

"As per the law, the other three juveniles were booked under the same sections because they were also present at the spot," said the officer.

The victim and the four juveniles reside in the same neighbourhood and study in a private school.


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