Fire at Himalaya House in Delhi, 1 dead

by Nov 19, 2012

A major fire broke out in the 15-storey Himalaya Building in Connaught Place in central Delhi on Monday morning. Reports say a security guard who was on the fourth floor died in the fire.

The fire reportedly broke out at 6:20 am in the morning. Delhi Fire Services Director AK Sharma said that the fire broke out after some initial problem in "disconnecting electricity", reported IBNLive.

Screen grab from ibnlive.

38 fire engines are still battling to douse the fire. Earlier, reports said that around 22 fire tenders had been rushed to the spot to control the fire.

The number of those trapped inside the building remains unknown, although there were reports of one person being trapped on the ninth floor.

Officials said that the situation was under control and the fire services were monitoring the situation closely.

"The fire broke out in the third floor of the building and spread to the fourth and fifth floors too. No one has been injured in the incident. The cause of the fire is yet unknown," a fire service official said.

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