DMRC to be management consultant for Jakarta Metro

by Sep 24, 2012

New Delhi: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been awarded the work of ‘Management Consulting Services’ for the first phase of the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System in Indonesia, comprising of 15.7 kilometres.

The DMRC has been awarded the work in a joint venture with eight other international companies. These include PADECO Co Ltd and Oriental Consultant Co Ltd from Japan, PT ERNST and YOUNG Advisory Services, PT INDOTEK Engineering Jaya, PT PAMINTORI CIPIA, Lambaga Management FEUI and PT Public Private Partnership from Indonesia and US Company SENECA Group L&C.

DMRC's main responsibilities as part of this joint venture will be finalisation of the organisational structure of the Jakarta Metro, recruitment of personnel, development of training facilities and training of the employees for various categories required for commencing the operations.


The DMRC had earlier also prepared the Special Assistance on Project Implementation (SAPI) study for the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit system.

The other major metro projects in the country that the DMRC is acting as consultant for include Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. It is also carrying out the construction work of a 9.25 kilometre long Metro corridor in Jaipur.

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