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To win in 2014, BJP should announce a PM candidate now

Votes: 2293

 BJP should announce PM candidate in next couple of months. 1. BJP should send a message to public that they are pondering on their candidate and will announce very soon. 2. If BJP declare Sri Narendra Modi as PM candidate, certainly he will hit the ground in 2014 also India will accept him with a great pleasure.
Defending the motion


Both seems to point at Narendra Modi as the PM. Unfair Campaign.
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Against the motion


Yes they should announce a candidate - and it cannot be Narendra Modi. The young professional or the NRI may support him, but he can never be a mass political face. BJP has lost every election he camp aigned in outside Gujarat. The face has to be a moderate, accepted by all particularly allies. My bet is Arun Jaitley. Modi can take up home or urban development or finance. Even Advani had to stay content with lettig Vajpayeeji become PM
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