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There is fixing in the IPL

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Once again the gentleman's game is under the scanner for allegations of match-fixing and spot-fixing after India TV’s sting operation. According to the channel, the sting not only revealed that spot-fixing is prevalent in IPL but also that first class matches are fixed and that women played an important role in fixing. Is fixing an inherent part of IPL or are these allegations baseless?
Defending the motion


For a long time now, there has been talk about how there is fixing inthe IPL.There are times when players have spoken off the record about the 'gifts' they receive from the franchises, the number of l ast-over finishes in the IPL has been very high and throughout its history the IPL has had to deal with 'money issues'. At the end of the day, however, there is no smoke with a fire. The BCCI has said they will take action -- it has to be swift and brutal.
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Against the motion


It is always easy to allege a cricketing league like the IPL is fixed the moment a few bad apples are found. In this particular case, the sting operation has picked up the least known players from som e of the worst performing teams and expanded it to make it sound like the whole IPL is a hotbed of match-fixing. The entire league needn't be suspect because of a few players.
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