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The Uttarakhand flood situation should not be politicised

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Instead of working together on disaster relief, political parties seem to be taking the opportunity to target each other. Is this the wrong time to do it?
Defending the motion


In the time of natural disaster what is needed is a coherent and visible strategy to help people. The plan should not be driven by politics but the desire to aid those who are affected by it and not for political gains. In this case, the priority should be the relief efforts without pandering to political leaders who will often do little beyond conduct aerial surveys. Natural disasters aren’t about how much each leader has done but how many lives are saved.
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Against the motion


Everything from not heeding the weather warning, to the preparedness for floods makes the Uttarakhand tragedy amplified by political incompetence. Even after the National Disaster Management Author ity was put in place, it is headed by politicians, rather than experts or a crack team. This is a political problem every step of the way.
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