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The protestors are right in stalling in the Kudankulam plant

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Protestors at Kudankulam have refused to yield to the government’s demands and continue to prevent the nuclear power plant from starting. Are they justified in their demand?
Defending the motion


Every citizen has the legal right to know how his health and his environment are being affected. Neither the officials running Kudankulam nor the government has shared with the people of Idinthakarai the right kinds of accessible information that would give them confidence of their safety. It really leaves them with little choice.
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Against the motion


The protestors in Kudankulam may be justified in their safety fears, but they offer no space for negotiations because their single-point agenda is to close the plant. Other demands are certainly red h errings. This is unreasonable mainly because it came rather too late in the day. The foundation stone of the plant was laid a decade ago and the protestors should have stalled it either then or before that. It may be recalled that along with Kudankulam, another nuclear plant was planned in Peringom, in north Kerala; but it was stalled by people despite the support of the then state government. Nuclear safety should definitely be a concern, but since the country has been running reactors since 1969, people's pressure should be for more transparency and safeguards.
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