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The Olympics have no relevance to India

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Other than the football World Cup, the Olympics is, perhaps, the most awaited sports event in the world. India, though has struggled to ever have a significant impact. With the torch being lit last week, Firstpost debates the significance of this event in India.  
Defending the motion


When a country as large as India has produced so few Olympic winners that most kids can rattle off the names of the majority of them, it’s clear that we, as a country, are not a ‘sports’ nation. Each year, we scramble for the crumbs of good news; a bronze medal here, a silver there. In the 2008 edition, India was 50th on the medal tally, behind even countries like Estonia and Latvia. The Olympics are clearly not for a country like India – it’s like Sholay hoping to win an Oscar.
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Against the motion


Even if one might argue that as a contingent we just make up the numbers and languish at the bottom of the points table, it doesn't take away the joy of watching a Bolt, Isinbayeva or Federer compete on the grandest stage. Of course, when Abhinav Bindra shoots down a gold, the interest factor for every Indian increases thanks to media coverage. It's our bad luck that we don't have a Carl Lewis or an Ian Thorpe, but that doesn't mean Indians can't appreciate the beauty of their art.
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