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Sonia Gandhi will be able to revive the Congress for the 2014 elections

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Addressing MPs today Sonia Gandhi spoke of the party’s focus being the 2014 polls and getting their act together in time for it. Manmohan Singh has already ruled himself out and while Rahul Gandhi remains in political wilderness, it will be back to Sonia Gandhi to revive the party and make sure they have a shot at coming back to power in the centre. She did it before in 2004 but can she do it again in 2014 after their current  tenure in power has almost universally been acknowledged as being lacklustre.  
Defending the motion


Yes, she can. Sonia has a sharp political brain and seems adept at springing surprises on the opposition in general elections. She commands the authority required to bring the Congress into battle-rea diness before 2014. She can use her populist ideas, such as the MNREGA, as a selling point.
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Against the motion


Sonia Gandhi is the captain of a sinking ship called the Congress. She is not a leader of the masses and as the results of recent assembly elections reflect, she has not been able to revive the party anywhere. The performance of the UPA government is not something she can go to people with.
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