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Shah Rukh is paying the price for being a celebrity

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The Mumbai Cricket association has banned Shah Rukh Khan from entering Wankhede after a brawl with a security official, late last night. Do we have different standards for stars?  
Defending the motion


What’s so exceptional about a heated exchange? It keeps happening everyday, everywhere across the country. Would the supposed altercation between Shah Rukh Khan and the Mumbai Cricket Association of ficials make such a splash had the person involved not been Shah Rukh? Obviously not. We tend to magnify even minor incidents involving our celebrities. The fault lies with us. We take them too seriously, expect them to be superhuman.  
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Against the motion


Shah Rukh is not being ‘targeted’ because he is a celebrity. His recent transgressions (smoking in public, getting into a fight in a public place, (allegedly) being under the influence and then ge tting into a slanging match in the public place are such that anyone, any common citizen would be hauled up for it as well. His being a celebrity has nothing to do with the attention – his transgressions are responsible
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