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Samsung's cashback scheme will convince more users to switch

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With the price war between major competitors Apple and Samsung hotting up, consumer choice has considerably widened. Apple is allowing users to trade in any smartphone for a minimum Rs 7000 discount on the iPhone 4, while Samsung is offering 15% cash back on its flagship 'Galaxy' range. It was also giving consumers the option of EMIs.While these schemes are clearly targeted at the new user, will they also convince existing users to switch allegiances?
Defending the motion


I own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and right now there is no power of earth that can convince me that an iPhone is better than this device. Although a lot of Apple users stress on superior design, I frankl y don't think that this alone would convince me to switch. Sure, the physical structure of the iPhone is hardier and prettier than my Samsung device, but when you switch the phones on, the differences practically disappear.The JellyBean OS is smooth and fast and I can multitask with considerable ease. Add Google Now to the factor and I have everything I need - with the result that my phone is my go-to device for everything - be it searching for directions or looking up a television series I'm interested in. The close integration with Google is definitely a superior advantage so yes, my smartphone is definitely 'smart'.There was a time perhaps when Apple's iPhone was the 'must have' device, but Android has definitely caught up.
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Against the motion


Switching is not as hard as you think. Or so I’ve been told. Is the Buyback scheme in India, as opportunity to do so?I’ve taken a day to think about it and the answer is still, NO. I’ll tell y ou why.The device manufacturers of Android churn out version after version through the year -- some have great screens, some have facebook integration. Apple releases one phone a year. This phone however is outstandingly researched, is sensitive to solving user problems and comes with sparkling hardware and software to boot. I would choose quality over quantity and that’s why I find it hard to switch. Android makers must learn that to make me switch.
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