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Rahul Dravid has adapted to T20 better than Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar

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 India's batting stars have not had a very good IPL. Dhoni has been lackluster, Ganguly has been a better captain than a performer and Tendulkar's been missing in action. The one exception, it would seem, is Rahul Dravid. Can he teach India's other players a thing or two about adapting to the T20 format?
Defending the motion


He has looked at ease, scored the most runs among the three (379 @ 34.45), has forged a good opening partnership with Ajinkya Rahane and helped a weak team mount a strong challenge against fancied opp onents. For a batsman who had trouble adapting to ODIs early in his career, he has been splendid.
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Against the motion


Dravid has been good but Sachin is just getting started. His fifty in the last match against CSK was his second fastest knock in IPL history. Count on him to get better in the closing stages now tha t he has his injury troubles behind him. We can’t say the same for Ganguly, but he’s had his moments too.
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