Ponting should remain captain of Mumbai Indians

Durga Raghunath

Some teams are replete with choices for captains, some teams simply are not. Sachin Tendulkar or Harbajan Singh have had their go and Rohit Sharma seems to have finally cleared the cobwebs from his head and is batting well for the Mumbai Indians. If the IPL is about aggression and setting an example on the field, Ricky Ponting certainly has those qualities. He hasn’t had a good start, that is true. It is, however, a painfully long season and Ponting has to be given time to cross a bump. At the risk of sounding nostalgic, let me ‘punt’ that that IPL needs some greatness and heart as much as it needs commerce, and boundaries. Ricky Ponting gives it that.read less read more

Ashish Magotra

Is there space for a non-performing captain in Twenty20? Is there space in the Mumbai Indians for a captain who has scored just 52 runs in 5 matches at an average of 10.40? The answer to both these questions is a resounding 'no.' Twenty20 and India have never been kind to Ponting and it's time the Mumbai Indians management thought about asking him to step down. There was a reason why he retired from international cricket and that reason is becoming more evident with every outing for the Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians are a strong outfit and they will do well regardless of who the captain is -- case in point being that last year, they did well with Harbhajan Singh at the helm too. So MI need to deal with Ponting in the Aussie way -- pick the best XI and then pick the skipper.read less read more