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Owaisi’s arrest will send the right message to the hate-mongers

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The Andhra Pradesh police has finally taken action and arrested MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi for his communal speech. But are we celebrating this too early?
Defending the motion


Akbaruddin Owaisi’s arrest would revive the people’s faith in democracy. Hate mongers of all kind need to be behind the bars, they should not be roaming around free manipulating the emotions of pe ople and instigating them to hate others. Communal leaders with political heft have been creating trouble with the threat of violence by followers for long now. The ruling establishments have failed to stare back at them due to electoral compulsions. This happens not only in Andhra Pradesh but also in other states. It has to stop. Intemperate, self-serving leaders cannot be allowed the freedom to run loose. The move of the Andhra Pradesh government will send a tough message to all of them.
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Against the motion


In India most political battles seem to be settled, including crimes as serious as communal speeches, by the act of arrest which seems to be the end point in terms of taking action. Unfortunately what is as important is ensuring that speakers like Owaisi pay the price for making such speeches. The police needs to be allowed to work impartially and develop a strong case against him, and ensure he faces the punishment that is due to him for making such statements. Owaisi is liable to be sent to jail for three to five years for his speech. Unless that takes place, the pointlessness of arresting Owaisi cannot be understated given that he can come out on bail soon and can stay out making as many speeches as he likes while the case drags on in court.
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