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Narendra Modi standing from two constituencies is a sign of weakness

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Is Narendra Modi's possible plan to contest from two seats one that reeks of political weakness?
Defending the motion


If Modi does claim to have the support he does nationally, he should step beyond the borders of Gujarat and contest only from a seat in Uttar Pradesh as planned. Given the image he has built, Modi sho uld stand from a seat, preferably one outside Gujarat, to show his political strength outside the state. His victory from a seat outside his home state would truly herald his arrival as a national leader.
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Against the motion


Narendra Modi has become the single most talked about candidate of the BJP. In the shadow boxing that precedes the elections, he is at perfect liberty to use various electioneering tactics to galvaniz e the cadre or throw punches at the opposition. Interpreting it as a sign of weakness at this point would be short-sighted.
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