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MCD Loss: Sheila Dikshit has paid the price for UPA’s sins

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No, I don't agree with this. Sheila Dixit is one of the trueblood Congress leaders who is as corrupt as every other Congress leader. She has had the benefit of having 100 Rupees in her purse when 1 Rupee is actually required. Delhi being a UT and India's capital is at strategic advantage as compared to say, Mumbai. With this unfair unadvantage on ger side, Sheila's performance is mediocre, at the best. Anyone can show mediocre performance with too much of money in hand, and the whole of the law and order machinery at disposal, including the Home Ministry. Sheila Dixit is probably the biggest contributor of funds to Congress kitty from corruption of humungous corruption, and she must share the blame for MCD debacle, just as Rahul, for UP debacle. But then if you are the one who accepts responsibility for anything going wrong, why would you joing Congress party in the first place?
Defending the motion


The price is not fully paid and it is not just the Congress that has to pay. Every political party has shared the loot and plunder and like many citizens i hope they would all pay too. My hope is that one day when the many citizens who feel this will become most and there will be a way to change the system for the better.
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Against the motion


Loss in the 2014 general elections will be the right price for the Congress to pay for the numerous wrongs since 2004, more so after 2009 (UPA II), which has transgressed beyond all limits!! 
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